Cheon Seong Gyeong Rough Draft Version - Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4 - True Fatherís Insights on God

6) The Liberation of God and the Way of the Child of Filial Piety

1. The path of restoration True Father has walked

I fully understand what it is like to have the determination to fulfill Godís will. I know what Godís love is like, and I know that I must both kneel in gratitude and walk the path to offer forgiveness. No one has known that God is filled with bitter grief that compels Him to walk the path of liberation even though His blood might be shed.

I did not pray to God asking Him to save me even when I collapsed under torture; and though I was pursued, I did not pray to God asking Him to protect me on my path or to save me.

As a man of character, I have my own reserve of strength. I have the spirit and the inner strength to fight. I say to myself, "God will probably save me if I collapse unconscious due to lack of strength. But before that, with my own power..." I know that God is waiting, preparing things in advance before I go. (138-358, 1986.1.24)

God is with the Unification Church. If I were to lose my temper, thinking "that good-for-nothing!" and, even without speaking, think "You wait and see. Just wait a couple of months," in the end that person would be broken in pieces. Wouldnít it be strange to see such a thing? That is why I bite my tongue and control myself. I cannot curse others with my mouth. As the True Parent, I cannot use my mouth to curse others. And even though I hold back my words, Heaven releases me completely from my bitter feelings. When you see this, donít you think God loves me? (162-205, 1987.4.12)

Nobody ever became a congressman or president of this nation [Korea] while its sovereign rights were intact, with the authority of a homogeneous people clothed in white, and which could be proud of its five-thousand-year culture in Asia. After the liberation of Korea, I was thinking of making such a congressman and a president. You must understand that this was not just my wish but Godís wish as well. When this happens, Asia will be in the palm of our hands. Please have faith in the fact that, according to my instructions, the world should head towards the place God is also heading.

Harboring bitter grief in my heart, how can I, take rest? My path is a busy one. I am busy as I must walk this path to resolve everything from a thousand years of history. I am a man who, for forty years of my life, could not avoid taking the path of tears. This continues even now. North Korea should have welcomed the new Garden of Godís Love where young people that can praise God can spring up. Yet seeing them tainted by those who betrayed God, He had to turn away His face. We have to make it so that God can turn His face back.

Since I entered North Korea with God, with this system of thought that restores things to their original state, the communist world should thank me, and the democratic world should be even more grateful to me. Let us march forward to this place!

At the Seodaemun prison, one lady evangelist who had persevered in the Unification Church but left after things didnít turn out the way she wanted said to me "Oh this has turned out well. Would this happen to the Son of God?" I answered "Yes, I am not someone who will disappear in prison. I will make great leaps toward a liberated world." Iíll never forget her face. I heard that she recently died in miserable circumstances and felt pity for her. I am a person who lives in that way.

I know everything about how the five presidents of Korea treated me. Yet I do not show this. I do not seek revenge. They didnít know. I have to meet them and teach them. After saying what I have to say, I have to resolve everything. (204-118, 1990.7.1)

When I came to this earth what position was I in? I stood in a position to indemnify and release Godís anguish at its pinnacle by giving -- as the son, sibling, couple and parent in whom Godís heart of bitter pain remains -- the perfected love that could not be given. (234-140, 1992.8.10)

It has to be something that exists for the sake of others. Based on Godís ideal of creation to live for the sake of others, God had to invest, invest, and invest Himself to multiply true love. As this was done, we have to spread it throughout the universe and return to the original homeland. When we return we should not kick others away as our enemies. We have to bring them to naturally submit to us through love. Without this natural submission, God cannot find His position. If I were to think of using trickery for this, I would not be defeated by anyone. Knowing that we must bring them to submit, I have been restraining myself. Can you imagine how difficult it has been for me to suppress my fiery character for forty years?! How much more difficult would it be for God? He is more intense than I am! (219-93, 1991.8.25)

Once I turned to look back, and God, [who was following me,] embraced me in tears. When I turned to say, "You are the center of my love. I submit to you. I will absolutely follow you." God embraced me again. How great it is to be in such a position?

Just as God gave me that position of His, I must also give Godís position to all of you. (215-341, 1991.3.1)

Looking back in history, forty years ago [1945] I was hunted by the nation and hunted by the established churches. My position was that of an orphan expelled into the wilderness. How awful my position was, from which to have to fulfill Godís will that was requiring me to restore the historical standard and create a global foundation! I was standing in a position of having lost the victorious Christian cultural sphere that had been established on Heavenís side after World War II, and the foundation of America, the nation that governs the free world. In the position of the owner, I could not help thinking about the intense grief of losing this foundation and about having to accomplish the task of restoration through indemnity again, over a forty-year period.

Can you imagine how aghast I was, looking from the position of clearly knowing that I could have brought history to its conclusion -- something even God could not do for hundreds of thousands or millions of years. (135-187, 1985.11.13)

I have accomplished these tasks oblivious of the rain and snow. The nights felt as if they were the morning, or the dawn, and I would even forget to eat. I could not take this lightly because I knew God -- the serious responsibility that comes with knowing God. More than anybody else I knew how sorrowful God was. Thus, even if my body were to be torn apart; even if it were to become dust and be blown away, and if all those cells that were to blow away could still cry out as Godís cells, I would grapple with this path of death, accepting it as a worthy death for a man. As I grappled with this, people thought I would perish; they thought I would disappear, but things have turned out like this. (137-178, 1986.1.1)

Since I knew how great the bitter pain entrenched in heaven and earth was, I had to comfort God even if it meant being in a situation where I was vomiting blood. Who could ever understand the bitter reality of my position as the True Parent, in which I could not pray, "I am about to die. God, please save me." Nobody knew of this; only God. Only He understood my heart.

Even though many people follow the Unification Church, none of them are one with Rev. Moonís thought. All of you must understand this. The Unificationist community that should stand in the realm of liberation today should not be of substandard quality. I know that the behavior of those who have received the blessing is nowadays like that of the devilís cousins. (145-332, 1986.6.1)

God would offer a hundred thanks to the brave man who would confess that he has not fought enough, that he does not have the qualifications to shed tears, or who would be concerned that the Father would shed tears if He saw him in sorrow. God would offer those thanks to the brave man who, in the unbearably bitter position of being whipped, would worry that God would be in a miserable position, or who would be concerned that God would shed tears when he sheds tears through clenched teeth saying "My grief is nothing, my pain is nothing, my sorrow is nothing." God would offer those thanks to the brave man who would cry out and raise the flag of victory as the vanguard on the path to take vengeance upon the enemy. God would express His gratitude one hundred times, saying, "Should I call you a patriot, should I call you a son of filial piety, or should I call you a virtuous woman? In all the history of the world there has been no person more precious than you." (153-269, 1964.3.26)

To this day, I, Rev. Moon have walked a lonely path as an individual. Though it has been a lonely path I know God more deeply than anyone else does. In history, there have been many people in lonely situations, who cursed their circumstances while asking for blessings. Yet, centering on Godís grieving heart, I did not think like those people. Instead, I said, "God, do not worry." Thatís a different way. I am not a man to retreat due to personal trials.

A man who pledges to die only after overcoming the trials of the world and liberating God cannot write a letter of surrender during that individual course. He cannot be cowardly. I am the one who has walked the path where, even though my wife opposed me, my children opposed me and my parents opposed me, I cut them off. I am the one who has walked the path where the nation -- 40 million or even 60 million people -- has opposed me. (175-257, 1988.4.24)

Time is so short. There is not enough time to rectify this and compensate that during a lifetime. That has been my life course. So from the viewpoint of the secular world my life would be pitied. Try asking God, "What kind of person is Rev. Moon?" The pain I feel causes me to lament in sorrow; I am experiencing such bitter pain, like that of a man writhing in agony while having his heart cut out.

On this earth I am a miserable man. Nobody knows about my suffering. People may boast about themselves, thinking they are wonderful. Yet they do not know my suffering. Even Mother does not know. (213-278, 1990.1.21)

None of you know the bitter circumstances of my going to Hungnam prison after I lost all the foundation that God had toiled for over six thousand years. Leaving my hometown was not the problem. My wife and child were not the problem. It seems like yesterday that I cried for those who, as the future hope of heaven and earth, were to become the liberated people that were to welcome me. But they vanished into hell in the clouds, disappearing into the world of darkness, even while I cried out to them that we would meet again. It seems like yesterday that I proclaimed "Although you have disappeared, I will keep to my path and bring the bright morning sun to find and liberate you again!" I cannot forget the sound of my shouting this while in chains. I cannot forget the times I prayed while in difficulty. (220-205, 1991.10.19)

When I ask God, "God, arenít You this kind of person? The God I know is like this." God would take my hand and weep profusely, asking, "How did you find that out, my son!" When God hears this He will weep. Then how loud the sound of His weeping will be! God knows that this situation cannot continue for a thousand years of history to come. Thus, He wipes away His tears, stops His weeping and says "My son!" You must understand Godís need of such a son and daughter. (176-263, 1988.5.11)

"I will become Godís true soldier. No matter how terrible this battlefield for God may be, I will join the front line." That is my spirit. I never once complained to God even when the worldís persecution swarmed about me -- even when I was in a position of utter loneliness due to persecution and suffering. This is what I can feel pride in. (193-73, 1989.8.20)

Have absolute faith in God! If you have absolute faith in God even when you cannot find faith to the left side or right side, to the north, south, east or west, to the front or back, to the left or right, you will find yourself on the center line. With absolute faith you will find one position. You will find the absolute position, the place where God resides. From there everything will start to be resolved.

Thus, in the way of faith, many things are ordained in dictatorial style. There is no discussion. Because your life of faith deviates, its angle must be adjusted, even by force. In light of this, how great is Godís pain and the pain of humankind! (188-225, 1989.2.26)

2. A lifetime devoted to Godís liberation

You donít know how angry this makes me! There cannot be anyone in history that feels greater indignation than I do. When I weep, there is no one who weeps more bitterly than me. No one could weep more than I do. I feel Godís heart flowing from my heart as in tears I embrace a thousand years of history on this earth, embracing the lost sorrow. Can you cover up that root, sit there, eat your fill and live in comfort? Even dogs would not eat the carcass of such a wretch. (180-50, 1988.8.20)

Unless a man who maintains the appearance of happiness calmly goes over that difficult pass of indemnity, continuously attending and comforting God as he does so, the kingdom of peace on earth will not appear. The representative and public person is a lonely person. When somebody stands up and says "Rev. Moon did such things as thisÖ," I feel like bursting into tears.

Even though I am an old man of seventy whose tears should have all dried up, I harbor a loneliness that cannot stop the flow of tears of sorrow. You must never forget that there is such a parent. (183-86, 1988.10.29)

Think about it. I have spent a lot of time in prison, more than five years in all. Think about how rain dripping from a gutter will gradually make a hole in a rock. None of you would know how bitterly I wept as I gazed upon those drops of water, thinking, "How I wish that the teardrops of my love could bore a hole through the rock of anguish embedded in Godís heart." Gazing upon a flowing stream I thought, "How wonderful it would be if this stream could be pristine water, serving God so that He could come and bathe in it! How wonderful it would be if I could be a child who could prepare such a home or resting place for God." Unless you experience that deep world of heart, you have nothing to do with God. (185-45, 1989.1.1)

How long have I suppressed my indignation? How many times have I been overwhelmed to the point that all five of my sensory organs were choked up? It was not for the sake of meeting all of you. It was for the sake of bringing the rulers of humanity into submission. Not through my body, or by guns and swords. Unless I bring them to natural surrender by influencing their hearts through the lineage of love, Godís desired garden of peace will not come to heaven and earth. It will be impossible to build the kingdom of peace. (197-348, 1990.1.20)

There are many difficulties as we live in this world! Who knows what will befall us today? Wretched are peopleís lives that cannot break free from this environment of fear. Who will be the teacher who can mentor them amidst this environment of fear and chaos? There is no teacher. I had to weep bitterly and struggle because of this problem. If there is a God why could He not step into the role of the teacher? Actually God is a teacher whose principle is love. Not knowing this, we felt a grievance toward God. He is a teacher centered on love. (203-228, 1990.6.26)

Once I came back in the evening tired. I slept for awhile and woke up, washed my face and shaved. Mother looked at me and said, laughing, "Washing and shaving you do when you get up in the morning. Why are you doing it now?" Thatís how I live.

The heart is in one direction. Devoted effort is in one direction. Try praying, asking God what kind of person I am. God will wail in sorrow. He will weep bitterly to the extent that His tongue will come out and not go back in. You have to know that those are the circumstances of my life. (221-163, 1991.10.23)

For fallen man, I am the savior. But from Godís viewpoint, I am the True Son and True Parent who will fulfill the true-love ideal of creation that was lost in the beginning. The savior is one who pioneered the path of sacrifice, offering his life to relieve Godís anguish that began with the Fall. The savior is not only living in glory. He weeps together with Godís heart and is deeply concerned with bringing Satan to his knees. (232-225, 1992.7.7)

Whose God are you going to make Him? Are you going to make Him Americaís God? Will you make Him the God of Korea? Will you make Him your God? Which? You are so greedy! If you want to make Him your God you have to work for God more than for your own people. If God loves Rev. Moon, and if you can make more effort than Rev. Moon, God will surely love you more than He loves me. Isnít that an infallible formula? There are no objections to this. I want to see people who can comfort God more than I can; people who can serve Godís will more and offer more distinguished service to God. If I wanted a person with ability inferior to my own, I would be a dictator. (184-224, 1989.1.1)

If a marathon runner has completed 80 percent of the race from the starting line, and takes the lead by 100 or 1,000 meters, what happens? If he falls down at that point thatís the end of it. When a marathon champion runs, do the spectators say "Hey, slow down!"? They say "Run fast!" until he drops. It is the same for me. I have to set the record. Only when I hold the record can I receive Godís highest award with a clear conscience. I have to push myself until then. (230-186, 1992.5.3)

Something went wrong at the starting point. Something dreadful. "Something went wrong at my birth! Oh dear, now that have I grown up, I see that I am a son adopted from beggars -- the child of a beggar, brought from an orphanage." This is even worse than being the child of a beggar. When you were young, you thought your parents were your real parents, but later on you realized that you were the son of a beggar. What happens to that household when they find out that you are of such lowly birth? That household would surely be turned upside down, and would weep bitterly.

How shocked you would be to find out that you were raised in an orphanage when you thought that the mother and father who raised you were your real parents! This is shocking even in the human world. It would be an even greater shock for God to see His crown prince who should succeed to His kingship and heavenly palace walking around with riffraff, becoming instead the king of hell. (216-107, 1991.3.9)

Rev. Moon and the Unification Churchís concept of husband and wife means attending the eternal Parent for a thousand or ten thousand years as a son and daughter born from Godís lineage, and attaining the qualification as a son and daughter whom God can eternally praise as His own. Only by going through this position can you heal the wounds that resulted from the Fall and that remain in Godís heart.

When you grasp God and say, "Father, how much You have toiled!" He will weep upon hearing your words. He will explode into tears saying, "Thank you; Iíve been doing this through the thousands of years of history." History has lasted for tens of millions of years since the creation of humankind. It is not just six thousand years as the Bible indicates based on the history of cultures recorded in its pages. Actually it has been tens of millions of years since God decided to begin the providence of salvation. (232-138, 1992.7.3)

In the past, I saw right through those people who came to the Unification Church with the motivation to use it for their own purposes, and those who did all sorts of things. I knew who they were yet I let them deceive me. Why did I do so? It is because God has done so to this day. When people betrayed me and turned their backs, I could have exploded in indignation and resentment saying, "Iíll strike those reprobates with lightning and have their headsÖ Iíd cut off their heads at once if I had a Japanese sword." Yet when I thought about the heart of God who longs for their return, I could not do that.

Each time I grasped that suffering God, and had the heart to forgive, a segment was created. Do you understand? A segment of the Unification Church, like that of a bamboo shoot, is made. That is why we are making family segments, tribal segments and national segments. (197-312, 1990.1.20)

You should not let the anguish experienced by this historic teacher and Godís historical pain flow by unnoticed. You should gently retain love in the deepest part of your heart. When you meet God in the other world you should embrace Him and shed tears, saying, "I knew of Your grief and I tried to align myself accordingly but I could not. Please forgive me." If that kind of heart leads you, even if you weep while grasping God, He will weep together with you and embrace you. I believe that liberation is not possible without that kind of day. However great a wifeís love may be, it cannot reach such a level; and however great a parentís love may be, it cannot reach that level. Since I know these things, in order to bring about liberation I had no time to take my eyes off that task, or to go off on a tangent. (184-246, 1989.1.1)

Until we meet again, you must think of me day and night, and think of me when you get hungry. Even if you donít eat, do the things I do for Godís will. When you get drowsy, persevere for Godís will, thinking about me as I go on without sleep. You have to think about your teacher who endures without vindicating himself in the face of slander. Being even more upright in your heart, you should be thirsty for tomorrowís victory, and go forth with the intention of gaining results, to see your enemies surrender to you naturally. Only through these efforts can you and this people find the path of life. (82-48, 1975.12.30)

Once I received word that a member had been sentenced to death. How could I, the founder of the Unification Church, spend the night without tears after hearing this? How much pity I felt. If he had not known me, this would surely not have happened. As he walks the final path, and says, while facing in the direction of Korea in the East, "I will go now," and wishes me a long life, do you know how my heart feels to be unable to hold onto and save such a person who has followed his teacher beyond his nationís borders, though he has never met me? Even as I knew the heart of heaven that pitied those who were captive, in pain and suffering under the tribulations of the devil, day and night I had to drive them to march forward. (201-152, 1990.3.30)

I never thought, even in my dreams, of becoming the founder of the Unification Church. Even now it is the same. I do not have the concept of being the founder of a religion. I am just an ordinary man. Even today I did not wear a suit or necktie. I am only comfortable in more minimal attire. Why? Because I know that even at this hour members of the Unification Church throughout the world, even with their clothes drenched in rain from a gutter, are longing for me, wishing me a long life and offering bows. I cannot trample on situations where people are praying for me to receive blessing.

Thus when I open my eyes, I cannot find sleep. I live as the founder of a religion who feels like a sinner. That is why the Unification Church members cannot ignore Rev. Moon. (197-162, 1990.1.13)

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