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Chapter 4 - True Fatherís Insights on God

1) A God of Historical Bitterness, Grief and Pain

1. God lost the position of parent through the Fall

Our real father is God, but Satan took over the father's role. Therefore, Jesus said, "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires." (John 8:44) If you know the deplorable fact that you have Satan's blood, out of shame you should have the courage to do what is necessary to rid yourself of that stained false blood. [Editorís note: original translation was "courage to stab yourself with a knife to rid yourself of that stained false blood." We were advised to change this and similar language to more general expressions. Note, however, other languages can make their own decisions based on what you believe is best for your language.] Have you ever thought about doing that? If you are someone who strikes your body in fury saying, "You lump of flesh!" you are a loyal citizen of heaven. (11-243, 1961.10.29)

The religion that can connect with the ultimate world of heart should be one that can teach us in detail about Godís most sorrowful state. God is not just feeling happy and wonderful; He is in a sad plight. He has been mistreated and is overflowing with bitter grief. A religion should appear that can teach these things in detail. Only then can we become God's filial children. (151-102, 1962.10.28)

How grieved was God that His enemy deprived Him of His throne! You should know His history of sorrow at not being able to become the God of glory. Although He is king of His nation and king of the universe, He has been mistreated as if He were dead. He was robbed of His ideal and His loving children, and our world has fully become His enemyís plaything. (105-199, 1979.10.21)

Because there has never been a unified people or sovereign nation that God could govern, He could not exhibit His authority and dignity as the all-knowing and almighty God. We have to know clearly our obligation, as the sons and daughters, children of filial piety, loyal subjects, and virtuous women of the Unification Movement, to relieve God's distress and comfort His sorrowful heart. Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free"! Those who know will be liberated! I am teaching this to you clearly. (56-327, 1972.5.18)

How many tears have you shed for God? Have you ever struggled to seek out the path whereon you would suffer on behalf of Godís own pain and toil, even though your own limbs might be torn off? Youíve never tried. In seeking to become Godís children, you have to shed tears for the purpose of the whole. When you meet Him, your tears should gush out without ceasing as you comfort Him, saying, "Father, how great was your sorrow upon losing me, Your son, and our ancestors! How many times throughout history until the present day have You suffered humiliation, pain and extreme hardship from their descendants!"

God was able to judge the entire world and even Satan by His all-knowing and almighty authority. Our hearts break when we think of God crying out over the fact that even though He was capable of this, He still could not engage in this even if he wanted to from the position of having toiled until now; and when we understand that God stands in a lonely, desolate position, not surrounded by the environment that should have existed, accused by Satan, robbed of His foothold by the satanic world, Ö. How much have you wept in sympathy with Godís situation? The issue comes down to this. (51-111, 1971.11.18)

No parents in the world would want their son or daughter to die, even if he or she were hanged for a crime. If saving the child is possible, the parental heart seeks for the way to save a child even a hundred or a thousand times. This is especially true for mothers. If this is the heart of all parents in the fallen world, why on earth does the all-knowing and all-powerful God have to exercise judgment in the Last Days? Why can God not pardon humankind? How great is Godís love? If Jesus forgives people seventy times seven times, God must forgive seventy times seven thousand times. That is God's heart. (48-235, 1971.9.19)

God's providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. It started from Adam and Eve because they were the perpetrators of the Fall. Adam was not restored until I appeared on earth. In order to bring restoration and to find one man, God, the almighty and all-knowing Creator, could not show His face for millions of years until now. You must know the love and lasting regret of this God. (237-27, 1992.11.10)

What is God's will? It is the fulfillment of the ideal of creation. Furthermore, it is to realize the ideal of three object partners in our world. God will say, "How happy I am!" when this ideal is realized based on His love. What enables God to be happy? Today, all Christians think that the all-knowing and almighty God sits on His throne as the Lord of lords, and everything proceeds according to His command. But in fact how miserable God is, who finds Himself constantly alone! (170-95, 1987.11.8)

Who knew the miserable mind and heart of God who had to turn a blind eye to the death of His beloved son, Jesus? The origin and circumstances are not recorded in the Bible but wasnít there something that caused God to be unable to avoid His sonís death. How miserable it is to merely gather just like that, claiming to believe in Jesus of Christianity.

God should have stood on the side of the chosen people. Seeing them, wherever they went, facing a fate of suffering and persecution -- being beaten, decapitated, or burned in oil -- we might ask "Wouldn't God be able to prevent this?" Yet how grievous and distressed God was when He could not exercise His almighty power. Have you ever thought about that? How can we say that God is most high? I hope that someday this can all be made clear. (64-222, 1972.11.12)

It is natural that we want to protect our beloved at the risk of our lives. It is the original ideal of creation to do so. The same is true for God Himself, who loves His children. He is a sorrowful God who has had to invest His very life. (206-24, 1990.10.3)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have been the eternal Lord, as the Creator. But due to the Fall, Satan became the lord of the world. This became unavoidable. If a girl of noble birth, who was raised within the walls of her house, is raped by a hoodlum, to whom does she belong? She will belong to him. The same thing happened with the human Fall.

Adam could have been the king of heaven and Eve his queen. To restore these original positions requires following the principle of creation. God laid down the law of eternal love centered on Adam and Eve from the outset, so it has to be observed. To deny this law would require the destruction of the heavenly law.

If this heavenly law that God himself set up is denied, humankind and even God Himself as the absolute Creator can be denied. That is why God had to bring order through the course of re-creation. Who has known about this painful course of history? (207-272, 1990.11.11)

Today Christians think of God as a glorious judge dispatching people to hell or heaven. But God is the most miserable one in the world. He has bitterly struggled to overcome the situation of the shining heaven and earth falling into the darkness of hell. After God regained His composure, opened His eyes and came back to full consciousness, He was intent on giving rebirth to His dead children. Through the efforts made by the Lord of Creation, through the absolute Creator exercising His power, this was possible. Otherwise, it would all have ended. (232-114, 1992.7.3)

What kind of being is God? He is the original True Parent. But His position as the True Parent was usurped, and this resulted in something occurring that was nothing to do with the original ideal of creation. God as the Creator could not interfere with or bear responsibility for digesting what occurred--which could not have existed in the original world of creation. (240-164, 1992.12.13)

2. The bitter pain of restoration and Godís six-thousand-year search for His children

According to the Unification Church, what is the original sin? It is love gone wrong. Our love should have been connected to God's love, life and lineage. Instead, it was connected to satanic love, life and lineage. Because Adam and Eve became the personification of the devil and left behind the satanic lineage, they produced lasting regret in history. Why was the all-knowing, all-powerful God of autonomous authority, who created heaven and earth from its root, so helpless in the face of the evil being who brought man to the state he is in today? If you do not know, naturally you can deny the existence of God. (211-21, 1990.12.28)

In my background there were many incidents that evoked feelings of indignation and unjust treatment. Although many were very terrible to endure, I clenched my teeth and focused on occupying Cainís world. I had to digest Cainís world rather than merely Cain the individual and his family. How bitter this was! It was as if I had to melt something as bitter and huge as an iceberg. Digesting this bitterness, I have to silently bring Satan to submission. He has been our arch enemy since time immemorial. He brought God and humankind to ruin. (163-163, 1987.5.1)

Satan became the father of the first ancestors of fallen mankind. They received Satanís love and life, and thus the history of their restoration has been so difficult. Why didn't God, whom Christians have always understood to be almighty and all-knowing, intervene in the human Fall, rather than standing powerless? It appeared as though He had died.

God cannot liberate human beings until they themselves establish the conditions for liberation, because it was they who committed sin. If God had been able to liberate Adam and Eve at the outset He would not have driven them out from the Garden of Eden. If He could have done as He pleased, He would not have expelled them. But He had no recourse but to send them away. (224-46, 1991.11.21)

We should have the true heart that God seeks. God comes to find true love. Should there not be a true son whom God has sought throughout the providence of salvation and restoration? Such a son would allow pure love to flow abundantly like a waterfall that enables God, who had been defiled, wounded and in sorrow, to extend His chest in pride. Could we not imagine a situation where God would embrace that true son so that He could forget everything and even say that, although the Fall had occurred, He could find greater joy? Every man should be able to say that. (127-39, 1983.5.1)

Satan scornfully says to God, "The lineage of love that was needed to create one true tribal domain, the ideal of an absolute realm of love centering on Your ideal of creation, was ruined and destroyed in this way. Yet do you still insist that the ideal principle of creation can be applied?" How should God respond to that? How shocked He is! How many Christians are there who clearly understand God's grievous heart as He sees humankind -- who were originally to become the sons of the Lord -- become the sons of the enemy, trapped in an inescapable state of misery? (200-235, 1990.2.25)

The parent of humankind came. However, the people could not attend him as their parent. Could there be such a parent who came to shed blood and die for them? That parent came to host a festival of love at which he could say, "My son! My daughter! My family! My nation!" and the entire universe could reconcile. That parent who was to receive praise for that day of peace and glory should have met his lost children. Yet instead he was killed with the thrust of a blade from those children. Think about how miserable Jesus was. How grieved God was to be smothered under circumstances that prevented Him from teaching humankind in their ignorance! (145-152, 1986.5.1)

I have historical sorrow and regret. But my pain and grief are nothing compared to God's. God has not been able to fulfill His role as God. We should know that God's bitter tears that melt the marrow of His bones, and His bloodstains spread throughout the course of history, are crying out from the ground. I have been doing this work because I know that the mission remains to liberate God from His anguish. (137-175, 1986.1.1)

God is responsible for the fallen world and has been restoring it. He does not just dwell in a lofty, precious, holy, and pristine place. His wretched, bitter and brutal situation is beyond our imagination and beyond description. (21-73, 1968.10.14)

You can be consoled by someone with more reasons to be resentful than you have, but God has no one to comfort Him because He has more grievances than anyone in the world.

God is the Alpha and Omega. Thus, deep within Himself, God is working out how to resolve His lasting bitterness. This has been Godís deep, inner anguish. Under these circumstances God has carried out the providence of restoration. (29-294, 1970.3.12)

Have you ever cried in longing to see God? Have you ever cried until you ruptured your vocal cords, with water streaming from your eyes and nose? Have you ever felt so miserably treated and sorrowful that tears come to your eyes this way? This becomes a critical point in entering the world of heart. (49-291, 1971.10.17)

How resentful, grieved, angered and saddened God became when He was separated from human beings, who should have been with Him permanently! People should have grown to maturity, towards the foundation of love that cannot be exchanged for the entire universe. They should have established an axis joining all the vertical and horizontal planes together in the universe.

If they had accomplished this, they would have become the standard measure of love among all existing beings and among all things of creation in heaven and on earth. Whatever is connected to that love can match this standard in any circumstances. (149-213, 1986.11.23)

Satan trampled upon four generations, from the queen to the queen mother and grandmother, and the queenís daughter. These four generations lived together. Satan stripped them naked in front of the king's face in broad daylight, violated and killed them all. Satan even trampled on the daughter. We should know the heart of God who is unable to take vengeance on such an enemy. (200-68, 1990.2.23)

What is it that God regrets? It is that humanity inherited the false blood lineage. You inherited false blood. Satan is the origin of this. He always wants to create havoc with all things of creation. You are connected to such a universe, such rights of ownership and such a lineage. The source of all these five functions -- what you see, think, smell, say, and touch -- belong to the satanic side.

Your ancestors are the fruits of a very evil parent. How much distress God experiences in His yearning to save them! Why could God not get rid of fallen Adam and Eve and make them again? He had the power to do this, but because He originally created within an eternal relationship based on eternal true love, God could not do so. (216-36, 1991.3.3)

You should know how miserable and bitterly painful Godís situation is. God can say, "If I had not made humanity, they would not have become the way they are. How could this happen when I was searching for love and longing for the glorious kingdom of heaven!" How could this happen? It was because they inherited the devil's flesh and blood.

The devilís love was implanted and his life and lineage were rooted in that place. God could not possess humanity without removing these things, but if He did they would die. Therefore, God had to set up a substitute as a second creation or medium of salvation through an infusion of new blood, life, and love.

God should love the enemy. He has to be patient with and love His enemy. (212-42, 1991.1.1)

Did God ever have time to rest just because the sun rose or the weather and season were nice? You should follow His example. You should also love the enemy, Satan, who is hiding himself in the world. If you know the wonderful value of God's son and worship his holiness, you should, in light of that value, follow the path of loving the great enemy, although it would be miserable, bitterly difficult and painful. (127-119, 1983.5.5)

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