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Chapter 3 - The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankindís View of God

5) God Appears for the First Time after the Creation

1. God finally reveals Himself

The age of the Unification Church is the age of the parents. We are paving the road whereby God can come and be present on earth. This is why it makes sense to say that by Godís coming, we are saved through attending Him. This is how history progresses. (177-157, 1988.5.17)

What is it that will remain in the end? It is God and man, God and manís life course, and God and manís outlook on daily life. Likewise, it is God and manís view of life and God and manís worldview. These perspectives do not mean that human beings just vaguely know about God, but that they can never be separated from Him for all eternity. Why? Since God and humankind have been separated at the point where they originally couldnít be separated, they must reach a place higher than that point of inseparability. At such a point, they should come forward demanding a stage for daily life where God and human beings are one -- a global stage. (65-127, 1972.11.5)

Since God is the center of the universe, when you go near Him, you will want to be governed by Him for tens of thousands of years and even more. This is the path of attendance to God. Thus, we could not have imagined that human beings today could be governed in such circumstances and that there is no greater happiness than that. (77-328, 1975.4.30)

From now on you should live a life of attendance. Up until now, a life of faith brought salvation through faith, but from now on you attain salvation through attendance. Originally, if we had not fallen, we would be following our normal path by attending God. In attending God, you should attend Him in your daily life and with your heart. God is the absolute Father, absolute True Parent, and the unique, unchanging, and eternal True Father. Such a Father should bring about absolute sons and unique, unchanging, and eternal husbands and wives. Such daughters should form absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal couples. So the families in which they will peacefully settle are absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal families. Such families can live together with God and constitute the eternal base of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Justification through attendance indicates the age of realizing the kingdom of heaven in daily life. This is why we are talking about justification through attendance. The history of restoration is to reproduce Godís ideal of creation. (161-218, 1987.2.15)

Without creating a starting point from which we can bring God into our heart and where we human beings can be completely one body with God, there is no way to liquidate this devilish world. From this point of view, we understand our time as the age of attendance and the age of salvation based on justification through attendance. We are saved through attendance. God is not a God who is up there in the sky. We should attend God as our subject and master in our daily life. (144-274, 1986.4.25)

God is not a fantasy, or a conceptual God; nor is He an abstract God. With His leadership in our daily life, He is always with us as the master of our daily life. He does not merely receive our attendance, but is living together with us by sharing love. (168-111, 1987.9.13)

What was Godís purpose in creating Adam and Eve? As human beings we have a body, but the invisible God does not. Without a body God cannot govern the spiritual and physical worlds. Hence, although God exists, if He wants to manifest as the Parent of humankind, He must acquire a body. Godís representatives with that body were Adam and Eve. God would have appeared after assuming the body of Adam and Eve, had they not fallen.  [Adam and Eve were the first ancestors of humankind, and they were to be God who rules over heaven and earth. Assuming the external form -- the body -- of God in the eternal invisible world, and standing in the position of parents, Adam and Eve had the responsibility to govern the world. (133-91, 1984.7.10) [Same passage: True God, Chapter 1, 2 - The Invisible God Needs a Body, 2. Adam is the first ancestor and visible God (ENC01M01-037-20050126-E02-EC.doc p. 16)]

Since the invisible God has no substantial body, the True Parents represent His form. The True Parents are individual, family, tribal, racial, and national parents, and in the future, God will appear in the form of the True Parents in the spirit world. This is the greatness of the Unification Church. The greatness of Rev. Moon consists in the fact that God wants to assume Rev. Moonís form. (98-224, 1978.8.1) [Same passage: True God, Chapter 1, 2) The Invisible God Needs a Body, 2. Adam is the first ancestor and visible God (ENC01M01-037-20050126-E02-EC.doc p. 15)]

Even if the hundreds of millions of people who have been parents were to come back to life all at once, none among them would have the glory of the True Parents that you speak of today. Even if tens of thousands of generations of ancestors were to all resurrect and sing the glory of resurrection, this would still be glory and song that had not moved away from the domain of the Fall. Although your current situation may be miserable, you should know that the term "True Parents" taught in the Unification Church today is a proud one whose value is higher than singing praise with hundreds of millions of ancestors or singing praise in a glorious place of earthly victory and liberation of all people. You should know that meeting with the Parents will lead you along the path to meet God, and meeting with the Unification Church will lead you along the path whereby Godís nation and the homeland desired by the Parents can soon be found. (138-105, 1986.1.19)

The Completed Testament Age of justification through attendance is the age when we live while directly attending God in our life. Since that is the time when Godís tabernacle remains with us and the New Jerusalem in heaven comes down to this earth, the form of the true God will appear to us finally at that time. This will be the first time since the creation of the world. Until now, God has not been able to appear in history, which has remained at an uncompleted stage since the Fall of Adam.

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