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Chapter 2 - God and the Work of Creation

4) The Ideal of Love is Fulfilled in the Family

1. Godís ideal of creation is the completion of the four-position foundation

What is Godís purpose of creation? He did not create Adam and Eve just to look at them. He did not create men and women just so they could get old on their own and die. It was so that they could grow to maturity and, through their heart that relates to the opposite sex, build the true kingdom of heaven on earth with God at the center; it was so that they could create a nest of love centered on God. Here, the man, Adam, represents heaven and the woman, Eve, the earth; this is heaven and earth. Thus, although they are two, their horizontal union unifies heaven and earth. When they achieve unity through Godís love, the cosmos will be automatically unified. (21-43, 1968.9.1)

God had greater expectations of the future that was to unfold through Adam and Eve than He had of the time that He created them. He aimed for the most noble and precious result. This was to fulfill the purpose of creation, and to complete the four-position foundation centered on love. God created His son, Adam, as the representative of the positive characteristic among the two characteristics and loved him most dearly. In loving him, He included the feminine aspect of His love. Also, in loving His daughter Eve, He included the masculine aspect of His love. As these two separate people became one, the basis for a third new beginning emerged, and this was their children. For this reason, we say that children are object partners of love who stimulate new hope. Adam and Eve were born as embodiments of Godís love and parental love. This is why God likes His children, and Adam and Eve like their children. You know the three-object purpose. This is how the three-object purpose is fulfilled. (32-238, 1970.7.19)

Godís will for human beings is to fulfill the purpose and realize the ideal of creation. The ideal of creation is not realized simply by a man and a woman marrying each other and becoming one. They must then have children. This is because the principle of heaven and earth connects the relationship of above and below, and front and back. If there is yesterday, there is today, and if there is today, there is tomorrow. They must be connected. But for a husband and wife alone there is only today, and not tomorrow. Yet without another day everything will end. If we say couples are above they must have something below, children. Without something below it ends there.

Hence, the principle of heaven and earth is that only when upper and lower are established can left and right emerge. Parents feel that they have fulfilled their responsibility only after they hold weddings for their children. A relationship of upper and lower is established only when there are parents as a couple and when their children are married. Only when the relationship of upper and lower is realized, can the ideal be attained. Husband and wife are joined as left and right, and yet there must be the parents and children in a relationship of upper and lower to connect the vertical and horizontal and realize the ideal spherical realm within the universe. Furthermore, a sphere finally appears only when brothers and sisters join with this. When the ideal is realized this way, a circle encompassing a cross that is connected vertically and horizontally must be drawn. Only when a man and a woman feel the attainment of these two ideals, can they finally say that they live in the ideal situation.

This is the four-position foundation of which the Unification Church speaks. For this reason, it is said that the fulfillment of the ideal of creation is the completion of the four-position foundation. A person should not remain by himself; rather, he must go through three stages beginning with himself. These are himself, his partner, and his children. The God-centered relationship among a person, his partner, and their children is the four-position foundation. And the completion of this four-position foundation is Godís purpose of creation. To establish the four-position foundation, you must first go through the heart of a husband and wife; only then can you have the heart of children and the heart of parents. (185-178, 1976.3.3)

2. The ideal of creation is fulfilled through the completion of the family

Godís ideal to be fulfilled through our first ancestors was for a man and a woman to become one and create an ideal family. Then, the center of the ideal family is neither the man nor the woman. The family is a bundle created by the union of parents, children, and husband and wife, and the center of this bundle is Godís love itself. The conclusion is that Godís will is the completion of a family centered on Godís love. The family is the origin and basic foundation that is unchanging throughout the ages. It cannot be changed by a father, by a brother or sister, or even by a nationís institutions. Moreover, it cannot be changed by the world, by heaven and earth, or even by God. Hence, the family never has any need for the word revolution.* (25-85, 1969.9.30)

Human beings need to be in a parent and child relationship, a husband and wife relationship, and a brother and sister relationship. In other words, these three relationships must meet at one point. There is one center point. The center points for above and below, left and right, and front and back should not be separate. If the center points are different, the balance of the above and below, left and right, and front and back relationships will be shattered. Eventually, therefore, above and below, left and right, and front and back, together with the one center point, form the number seven. Forming the number seven means to become one with God through perfect true love and to form a family where everything forms a perfect sphere and achieves harmony and unification.

The place where parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters all want to join together in true love is our ideal family. Here, as eternal worldwide equalization commences, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth begins and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven comes to be automatically realized. Since God is the ultimate source of true love, when all people are connected to true love they become the same body. The parents are a living God standing on behalf of God, the husband and wife are Gods on either side, and each child is another little God. The family structure in which the three generations are formed this way based on true love is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. Without such a foundation, there will be no Kingdom of Heaven. The family is the center of the universe. Since the completion of the family is the foundation for the completion of the universe, if you love the universe in the same way as you express love in your family, you can go anywhere with a free pass. In this case, God stands in the combined center of love as the parent of the whole universe. (298-306, 1999.1.17)

A manís love, a womanís love, a sonís love, a daughterís love, parentsí love, and Godís love are all contained in the family foundation of the original creation, with God at the center. In such a place where these are assimilated, everyone who loves his parents, his spouse, and his children is living in the kingdom of heaven. The family is the ethical foundation for society, the best model and the fundamental and primary organization in the human world. In such a family, love is the best standard for each person. The most important times in oneís life are the time of birth, the time of marriage and the time of death. Then, at the time of birth, how should one be born? One should be born well. Next comes the time of marriage. One gets married in order to live; that is, to establish a four-position foundation. Only when such common governing principles of the universe are established in the world, will Godís will and the will of humankind be fulfilled. The family is where we seek to embody such universal law and attain that form. (24-230, 1969.8.17)

Godís ideal of creation was that Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, multiply children of goodness and build one world centered on God. We have a saying, "Family harmony brings success to everything." This means that peace in one family makes everything go smoothly. A perfected family is a family of peace, and this is the basis of the Kingdom of Heaven. The driving force of the family is true love. True love is the pure and beautiful love that loves God and my partner more than my own self, with all my life. In this universe, God has not created a power greater than the power of true love. True love is the love of God. (219-118, 1991.8.28)

If Godís will had been realized on this earth, a single cultural realm centered on Adam would have been created. Instead of countless races, each forming its own different culture and civilization as we see today, we would have a world with a single culture, single philosophy, and single civilization centered on Adam. Then everything, including culture, history, customs, language and tradition would be unified. In Godís love, we would have established ideal families, tribes, peoples and nations, and these would have expanded to realize an ideal world of Adamís ideal. Just as a treeís root, trunk and leaves are connected with one life, the view of the world from Godís will is that, centering on love, upwards we should attend to God as the Father, and downwards change all people into one living body. This would be a living body of love, like brothers and sisters, building an eternal, God-centered ideal world. The people in such a world do not need salvation or the Messiah, for they are Godís good sons and daughters. (110-213, 1980.11.18)

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