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Chapter 2 - God and the Work of Creation

1) Godís Motivation for Creation is Love

1. The Work of Creation Required Complete Investment

Godís creation of heaven and earth was not aimed at the securing of life. It was for the assimilation of the ideal of love. (188-196, 1989.2.26)

Scientists say that the universe is formed of energy, and that it originated from energy. But this is not so. An electric current does not flow just because there is energy; rather, electricity is generated through action. And before action, there must be plus and minus; that is, subject partner and object partner. Action cannot occur by itself, and so a subject partner and an object partner are necessary.

In all, action requires plus and minus, and that action generates electricity. To put it another way, energy arises only through the interaction of a subject partner and an object partner. Hence, the universe did not originate from energy as todayís scientists say. Action comes first, not energy. (111-126, 1981.2.8)

Which is most important, love or life? Love is most important. We do not say that life is most important just because our world came from Godís life. We say that love is most important. Although God began the creation of heaven and earth with life, the source of life and motivation for life is love. The reason life came into being is because of love. Why did God create heaven and earth? Although He is the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy alone. Even if He were to feel joy, He cannot feel the stimulation of joy; this is why He created. No matter how much the Absolute Being may say, "I am the Absolute Being, the Master of love and Master of life" while all alone He cannot feel the stimulation of love. He cannot feel the stimulation of life that makes Him feel that heaven and earth are within His body. (38-152, 1971.1.3)

If God had thought only about Himself, would He have created heaven and earth? Creation requires an investment of energy. An artistís great hope is to create the greatest masterpiece. He invests all his effort to make great works of art. A finished masterpiece appears only when he gives everything, when he feels he cannot give any more. Creation starts with investing oneself. Creation is possible only when energy is invested. Without investing energy, nothing comes about. According to the principle that a complete object partner appears only through complete investment, God as the subject partner completely invested Himself into making His object partner. The Creation was God determining to exist, and initiating motion, not for His own sake but for the sake of His object partner. (78-111, 1975.5.6)

Creation means the investment of energy. God invested, but how much did He invest? Some think that when God created by the word, saying "Let there be this, let there be that," it was like a game. But no, God completely invested His true life, true love and true ideals. We do not love something for which we have not worked hard and into which we have not invested our flesh and blood. Before creating and after creating are different, therefore. Before creating God thought based on Himself, but after starting to create He existed for His object partner. We do not exist for ourselves but for our partners, for our sons and daughters. Thatís how it is. (69-81, 1973.10.20)

Godís creation of heaven and earth meant investing His very essence. Ultimately, this means that He invested energy, and investing energy means a depletion of His essence. God created the world as His partner through love, and He invested Himself in order to fulfill this Will. God arranged that His investment bear fruit in His partner rather than in Himself. By investing, God does not feel estranged, but satisfied. This is because God created through love. (60-85, 1972.8.6)

Even after eating breakfast, when we work strenuously we get hungry and tired quickly. Why is this so? It is because when energy is invested, it is consumed. In everything we do, there is nothing good about a minus result. For things to be good there must be a plus. Hence, Godís creation, if it is to be good, must have something that can be a plus. Then, when can God retrieve something as a plus? It is in this that the standard of the perfection of created beings must lie. There is a point such that investment up to that point will start bringing returns. The same is true if, with a deep desire to accomplish something, you make effort and push through your limits, the result comes without fail. This is the law of universe. It is the same with God. In creating humankind, God invested energy. He consumed Himself. But after creating humankind through completely investing everything that can be invested, perfected human beings will not run away somewhere. When they have reached perfection, they will return to God. In returning, they do not return with a value smaller than the investment made, but with a value that enhances that of Godís creation. (65-20, 1972.11.13)

How did the universe begin? It started with God serving and investing for the sake of the other. It started with expending Himself. Then, what is the purpose in expending oneself to create oneís partner? After both are expended what we gain is love. As long as we have love, we are happy no matter how much we are depleted. Since this principle is love, God started the creation based on love. God did not do something that would bring Him a loss. Investing leaves a minus, so why do you think He did it? Since love has the power to more than fill up everything, after expending and investing Himself, God found love in return. True love does not become smaller as it is invested, but grows bigger and bigger the more it moves. If, conversely, the principle were that true love was to grow smaller, God would be depleted through His investment. But the opposite is the case. True love grows bigger and bigger the more it is invested. (237-124, 1992.11.13)

Since love has the capacity to create, it does not grow tired. With a heart of love, you never get tired because you have the power of love, which is always replenished by more energy than is consumed, no matter how much is invested. This is why you are not reluctant, although doing so is hard and painful. How would you continue if you didnít like it? On the way of love, you cannot have an eternally unwilling heart. On the way of true love, you cannot have an eternally unwilling heart. Godís essence does not include the concept of an enemy, nor the concept of evil. This is because His essence exists within true love. (237-130, 1992.11.13)

So invest, invest, and invest based on Godís ideal of creation. When you invest, circular motion occurs. To take air as an example, if there is absolute low pressure and absolute high pressure, a mid-level pressure arises. God comes down although no one calls Him. Hence, those who want to invest more than a hundred percent are always filled by God. The principle of the universe is like this. Since completely investing and forgetting what youíve invested is connected to eternal motion, at that level the underlying principle of eternal life emerges. Eternal life. Otherwise, from where will you draw the principle of unification? With living for others, circular motion occurs, doesnít it? Where does something go when it is in circular motion? It becomes smaller and smaller and goes up. If something in circular motion spreads out wide, it goes down, but since eternal life rises up more and more, automatically God cannot help putting both His feet on Adam and Eveís shoulders. (205-95, 1990.7.7)

Why did God create heaven and earth? Creating means investing energy. Thatís an investment of energy. Investing energy means expending oneself. However omniscient and omnipotent God may be, if His abundant investment of energy did not show a return, He would inevitably be used up. (65-20, 1972.11.13)

God invested all His energy into creating all things and human beings. He invested everything and still invested more. Other things are used up through being invested, but with true love, the more it is invested, the more it prospers and the more is produced. If you invest 100 units of true love, 120 will come back. Therefore, although those who practice true love seem likely to perish, they will not perish; rather, they will prosper eternally and live forever. (219-118, 1991.8.28)

Why does God exist? For what does He want to exist? He wants to exist for the sake of love. This is why He needs a partner of love. This is why the omniscient and omnipotent God had to create a partner of love. Until now we have not known that God began the creation based on love as the essential ideal. It was for the sake of love that the entire universe was created. (208-231)

Godís desire is to have a worldwide platform for true giving. God desires a free, peaceful, and happy place where giving has no accusers and receiving has no conditions attached. Godís purpose is to expand this place worldwide and bring all mankind to live there. (13-249, 1964.4.12)

2. Realizing the ideal of creation through love

God created the world in order to realize love. He created the universe so that He could rejoice over people and all things becoming one centering on His love, making a harmonious world of love; so that He could rejoice over people becoming true husbands and wives centering on Godís love and creating families, tribes, races and a world of true love; and to taste the joy of love by becoming one with such people in love. This was Godís ideal of creation. The foundation of the original mind (ma-um), with which Godís infinite love can give love centering on His purpose, is heart (shimjung). Its value does not change. To discuss the value of Godís existence, we must discuss it by holding on to this love. Value is determined when the conditions for a reciprocal relationship are established. Joy starts from Godís heart, and its purpose is realized in human beings. The heart of the invisible God manifests itself in the heart of the visible man. When people with such a heart multiply horizontally and form families, these families spread worldwide and become the center of the world. God blessed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply so that they could have such a family. The cosmic principle manifests on the basis of their becoming fruitful, multiplying, and ruling over all things. (27-28, 1969.11.15)

Why do you think God created the universe? God wanted to have joy through the universe. Although God is the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy alone because joy arises only when you have someone with whom to relate. It is not knowledge, money or power that God needs; God does not need these because He is himself absolute, omniscient, and omnipotent. No matter how advanced science may be, it cannot catch up with or go beyond what God has made. The immense universe is operating according to laws, in an orderly way. Considering the fact that God has created and governs the immense universe, which is beyond the reach of human thought and science, God is an absolute scientist as well. (127-10, 1983.5.1)

Do you think that someone who has tied himself to Godís original love and tasted it will want to be separated from it? When a bee is sucking nectar and you pull on its abdomen, it will not withdraw its mouth from the nectar even if its abdomen is pulled off. What if you have experienced the taste of that love? You might leave, but you would turn around and come back, trying to cling to it. (137-57, 1985.12.18)

The Principle of the Unification Church concludes that Godís love means the completion of the four-position foundation. Then, what does the completion of the four-position foundation mean? Parental love is supposed to be conveyed to and felt by the children. Centered on parental love, which is the center of the four-position foundation, the parents become one with the children, the man and woman become one in love, and finally they become one with Godís love; this is the four-position foundation. Adam must be one with God, and what unites them is love. The two-dimensional representative of the world of existence is the human being, and its three-dimensional representative is God. Love is the central point, the rope that binds them together eternally. When human beings, who have a body, attain oneness with God, their heart and feelings will be immersed in a boundless state of deep experience and happiness. Ultimately, God and man become one through love. Human beings and the world become one through love, and the realization of the ideal world of Godís purpose of creation starts here. The realization of Godís ideal finally emerges in the place where new love centered on God, that is, love according to the law of creation, is settled. (35-356, 1970.10.13)

What is it that we human beings want after waking up in the morning? Eating breakfast in the morning, going out to work, and worrying about the whole world are not the main issue; rather, we want to have an unchanging heart of love day and night, through all four seasons, and throughout our life. God created heaven and earth for the sake of the ideal realm of love, where such men and women form a completely horizontal line and become connected to God at a perfect 90-degree angle, a place of love where human love and affection and heavenly love and affection unite. (213-157, 1991.1.20)

God began His creation from His own essence, investing and investing for the sake of love and forgetting about it. Therefore, if Godís partner is to receive it, he must likewise invest. This is like investment coming from above and also from below. In this way, heaven and earth join together harmoniously and become one. They become one centering on the love that can embrace and move heaven and earth. This generates great power. (237-130, 1992.11.13)

To occupy love, you must invest and forget about it, and invest and forget again. Why do you have to have such love? It is because love is such that the more it moves, the larger, rather than the smaller, it becomes. According to the laws of dynamics, things in nature diminish the more they move and the more they operate, donít they? In nature, things become smaller the more they move, but in the world of true love things grow bigger the more they move. God could begin the creation with true love because He knew this. (237-127, 1992.11.13)

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