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Let OMS know if you have Ambassadors of Peace to Match

Jayne Allyson Kerr Turconi
June 22, 2011

Sun Myung Moon May 2011

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I received an email from Anne-Marie Mylar, Online Matching System at She shared how some "Associate" members are coming in 30s and over from the Ambassadors of Peace arena and other places. She would like me to let you know so if you would like to be matched to these Ambassadors of Peace or know someone, to sign up at the above website and let her know.

She told me that the big frustration she has is with these older members "who are suffering tremendously due to bureaucrats who put their rules ahead of their heart instead of the other way around."

The BFD, BFA, and ALL MEMBERS need to be aware that OUR brothers and sisters who come from a Blessing that didn't stay together, have many situations that need compassionate understanding, God's loving heart, and acceptance. Is there any ONE OF US who has not sinned? Is there ANY one of us who has been defeated somewhere in our lives? Just the fact these brothers and sisters are still trying IS A MIRACLE!!! Especially if Unification Church brothers and sisters turn their back on them, judge them, say bad things about them!

Many of our Brothers and Sisters who have suffered, do not want to go through the Shaming Process of the Matching. Yes, Shaming! I am so grateful for all of you who have stood the fire and the storms are still together! God Bless You!!! Are all of your children still in the church? Some are not. Did we love them unconditionally, or did we reject them? BCs will always be BCS and church members will always be 1st gen. Do any of us think any of these people are not worthy of God's Total love and compassion? If so, check your heart with God.

We cannot welcome people to a loving church unless we ARE A LOVING CHURCH!! So, let's ALL be about the business of loving and accepting and finding solutions!! I know we can do it!! I could tell you stories of personal rejections from brothers and sisters that would shock you. However, I choose to live in a loving, and accepting, and peaceful environment. Always seeking the best of what God can be through me and through you and us as a community. Forgiveness is a great idea too!

Your sister,

Jayne Allyson Kerr Turconi 

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