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Jayne Kerr Turconi
June 16, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 5, 2011

After receiving emails from many brothers and sisters, I see that we might need to consider a population of first gen and Jacob's children who do not want to be matched!! There are many who are afraid of that process again. There are others who would rather find someone to marry then get Blessed after. There are some who are considering Ambassadors of Peace who are friendly to the church.

I would like everyone to consider that sometimes, because many of our members have kept their Blessings through thick and thin, it might be hard to open our eyes and see the pain in our brothers and sisters who love True Parents who did everything they thought they could to keep their Blessing, but there were circumstances and relationship difficulties which caused a great painful divide.

NONE of us are sinless. None of us are without fallen nature. We may not have God's perspective when looking at Brothers and Sisters. That being said, If any of our families know of single brothers and sisters who need support, please direct them to this group. Also, any families who know of Ambassadors of Peace MALE who are looking for a wife, please contact me as we have sisters who are interested. But they must be positive towards the church, have attended our activities, etc. We are 3D people who need 3D solutions. As we know, EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE BLESSED! Let's help each other with an infinitely loving heart.

God Bless Everyone,

Jayne Kerr Turconi 

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