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It's Here! New 1st gen and Jacobs Children Matching Website!!!!

Jayne Turconi
September 29, 2010

Finally, we have a new Matching website up and running! Go to and register at An official announcement is suppose to be made within a few days. Already, BFD representatives and Matching Advisors are supposed to help their candidates enter their information on this new site. It has 3 options, Candidates, Advisors, and Sponsors. If you are a candidate:

Go to

1. Click on "Matching Database"
2. Select "Candidates"
3. Enter your email address
4. Enter a password of your choice
5. Click on "Register"
6. Answer Security question and click "Submit"
7. You will see a screen and fill in the info.
8. Click on "Finish Registration"

Even though you will get an automated email giving you all the information you need to get into the database, you will NOT be able to access it until someone reviews your information. You will be informed with a following email when access has been granted.

For Sponsors:

Once on, Enter "Sponsor" and once you enter your email and password, a list of candidates will pop up who have chosen you as their sponsor.

For Advisors:

Once on, click on "Advisor". Enter your email address. If your email address is not recognized then go to and request to be added to the database as an advisor. Please change your password, then fill out the screen information, select candidate, click on print view.

Any questions? Contact Anne-Marie Mylar in Hawaii at Be aware she is 6 hours behind USA EAST COAST, 3 hours behind USA WEST COAST, 12 hours behind for Europe! A big wonderful thank you to Anne-Marie Mylar who created this site! God Bless you all and may all your dreams and Blessings come true.

Love and Peace,

Jayne Turconi 

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