The Words of the Buyinza Family

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IRFF UK May and June 2019 Report (Tadeo Buyinza - July 9, 2019 pdf)

IRFF UK responds to Shelter affected by Ebola crisis in Congo! (Tadeo Buyinza - August 1, 2019 pdf)

IRFF UK Fundraiser: Extra Funds Needed to Feed People During This Pandemic! (Tadeo Buyinza - November 6, 2020 pdf)

IRFF UK Virtual Open Day 2020 - Meet the team and hear about what we are doing (Tadeo Buyinza - November 15, 2020 pdf)

Cranes Club Europe: Information About IRFF UK's Project - Volunteers Needed (Youngil Ely Loew - November 23, 2020 pdf)

IRFF UK Annual Report 2020 (Tadeo Buyinza - February 10, 2021 pdf)

IRFF UK Helped the Hope for Children shelter in Goma Become Self-Sufficient (Tadeo Buyinza - April 24, 2021 pdf)

IRFF UK E-Newsletter: Destiny Junior School Final Infrastructure Fundraiser (Tadeo Buyinza - September 3, 2021 pdf)

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