The Words of the Unger Family

I spoke with the leader of the New Apostolic Church

Harold Unger
April 2, 1971
Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

The main activities in March were contacting students and teaching them the Principle. We have many troubles on our universities in Turkey now. The time longest they are closed and if they open for short time, the students start to fight again.

I am discussing now with some fanatic Moslem students. It is very hard to get them free from their stubborn thinking. But there are points in which we can get on a common base. It will take time to bring them up.

I also spoke with the leader of the New Apostolic church in Istanbul. I had several discussions with him some months ago, but in that time I could only do some preparation work. In this month, I could tell him, that Christ already has returned. The New-Apostolic church is waiting for the second Christ in our time. Their apostles had already some revelations about the Second Coming, but their conception of it is not realistic enough. When I told him that the Lord of the Second Advent is already on earth, he was very shocked and I saw that he understood it in his heart. He had no argument against it. But to follow our Master is still a big problem for him, because he is bound to his apostles. So I am praying that the spiritual world would lead this church to our True Parents.

In Their Name,
Harold Unger 

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