The Words of the Unger Family

I have to fight against weakness and decadence

Harald Unger
December 4, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey

At the end of October I went to Germany to take part in the European Conference.

It was blessed time where I had the opportunity to speak with the brothers and sisters of all Europe.

The new blessed couples brought much joy to us all. When we celebrated Children's Day together, everybody could feel that the band of brotherhood become stronger.

On my journey I also spent some time in the Austrian family. They are fighting very hard. I could see a great deal of the problems of Europe.

The usage of harmful drugs just among young people is very fast growing there. It is a sign of weakness and decadence. The battle against weakness is a very hard one. Though the situation in Turkey is quite different from that of Europe, I have also to fight hard against weakness and decadence.

When I came to Istanbul I visited all my friends again. I know them very good and only some of them are prosperous. Now I choose the best of them and help them to grow.

In the name of our True Parents,

Harald Unger 

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