The Words of the Unger Family

National Report on Turkey

Harald Unger
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

I began my mission Istanbul -- the cultural center of the country on 28th Dec. 1969. I began by staying at an Austrian Hotel where I remained for two weeks. It was cheap but proved like living in hell, as the city is very immoral. The indemnity here was very great, and I saw Satan working very greatly.

Now I live with three other students and I try to live Principle with them and by doing this I have many interesting experiences.

Generally many students look promising but inwardly they are very different. And there is great prejudice against foreigners so I must concentrate on learning Turkish.

I have tried many different churches and Christian groups but many of them are conservative to a degree where there is no give and take. However at the German Protestant Church I contacted the minister direct and was surprised by the openness of the ministers concerned. He has invited me to speak to his parish. Their social problems are worse and they have as a result a more open attitude.


Leader: Harald Unger

Headquarters: Horhor Caddesi 120/6, Aksaray, Istanbul

Date of Opening mission: 28th Dec. 1969 

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