The Words of the Unger Family

The power of Master's words

Harald Unger
August 31, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Family in Korea,

Thank you very much for the two copies of The Way of the World and for that immense love you sent with them. Nobody can imagine how lucky we are to be so close brothers and sisters and to have so wonderful Parents. We may be departed from them and live in distant countries, but their love and their power write us.

When read from our Master's sermons I only have to take one sentence or one word into my heart and there is so much power and truth I cannot describe it. How blessed you are, who can be with him and listen to His Words. We can grow so fast and get so strong by them. Let us understand and follow! Our Heavenly Father wants us to follow him and help in his important mission. We know that he had made the road for us. We could not walk without it. But now we have possibilities mankind never had seen before.

I wish you all to be very strong in the fulfillment of your big 'responsibility and in the victory we have to win.

In the name of Our True Parents,
Harald Unger 

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