The Words of the Unger Family

I am still alone

Harald Unger
August 25, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey

On August 4th, Akihiko Kunitoki arrived in Istanbul. He spent one week in Turkey and was able to get a little insight from the work here and the difficulties we still have to overcome.

Though I have now many contacts and know many people I am still alone. I didn't yet find a man, who is prepared and able to give his life to our Father. There is a New Apostolic Church in Istanbul. I had several discussions with their leader, for this group is expecting the second coming of Christ in our time. Unfortunately they have very utopic ideas from the coming and it is hard to explain the truth to them. Their leader has so strong fixed mind that it still take a longer time to move him. But there is also a student from Germany, he is from his childhood New-Apostolic and not so fanatical, he earlier may understand the Divine Principle.

Last week I met some boys from a religious school. They are educated in a severe Islamic belief. We discussed about the problems of the different religions. Of course they are thinking that Islam is the only way. But we will have some more discussions.

With an Armenian Christian I also spoke several times but his religious fundament is not strong enough, to understand the, importance of our time. Still I have to find people, which our Father can use for a special mission.

In the name of the True Parents
Harald Unger 

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