The Words of the Unger Family

The desire to find prepared people grows very strong in my heart

Harold Unger
July 26, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey

The desire to find prepared people grows very strong in my heart. I am working eager to fulfil the conditions which are needed for this matter. There are preparations necessary for the teaching.

Time is used to learn to understand and manage the language. And time is so costly. Not one minute should be wasted. From walking, contacting people and talking to them I could not expect great results and so I turned to the books, where I could attain a good process in learning the vocabulary.

The visit of Mr. Ruhi Esirgen on July 13th was a very delightful event. You can see the extension of our world family.

Mr. Ruhi is living in Ankara and reads the The Way of the World magazine. He told me, that he met our movement in Japan and that he is a friend of it.

This visit was short, but as soon as possible we will meet again and have longer discussions.

In the beginning of August I expect Akihiko Kunitoki who announced his coming by, postcard from Greece.

In the name of our True Parents,
Harold Unger 

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