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It is very difficult to explain the Principle in Turkish

Harald Unger
May 26, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey

My problems with the language slowly pass away. There is still a hard work before me, many words I have to lean and training in pronunciation is necessary. But a fundamental knowledge I already attained and by and by I have to use the language.

In the last week I went together with some students. Two of them I know already since a longer time, the other were new. We could not speak very much, but there was an opportunity to explain some important points from the second chapter of The Divine Principle to them. I was surprised how they listened and how they were moved by the few words I could give them. I would like to teach them all the time, but still it is hardly possible. It is very difficult to explain the Principle in their language. They still have to wait some time till they can hear a better explanation.

What I can do now is to learn the language better and to choose the best students which I can find and try to get friend with them. It will not last very long till I can teach to them the Divine Principle.

In our True Parents name

Harald Unger 

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