The Words of the Ten Wolde Family

American Indian Prophecy?

Barbara Mikesel [Ten Wolde]
October 1971
(New York Family)

There is speculation that the American Indians are related to the Korean people-not only because of similar skin features and hair, but also similarity in language and customs. In any case, many of the American Indian tribes are very spiritual with long traditions of prophecy and many Messianic expectations. At the time I heard the Divine Principle, a Hopi Indian spoke at my Quaker Meeting, sharing a message that helped confirm the Principe for me. I would like to quote excerpts from a book I found later to illustrate this, (Warriors of the Rainbow, Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian Peoples, by W. Willoya and V. Brown).

About 500 years ago, a great Indian named Deganawida lived in eastern United States. He preached of brotherhood and sisterhood of all peoples; he looked upon the human race as one great family. "He taught love and unity and obedience to God around the many single family firesides. These single families formed the base from which the authority of leader-ship would rise. A marvelous structure was designed, making the individual families the center of power. The chiefs met to consult together with wisdom and maturity on all issues. Through prayer and humbleness they came to unanimous decisions. They worked to end all war." Deganawida began to gather many Indian nations together into a democratic body, but near the end of his life he saw its collapse and the destruction of the coming white man.

"When Deganawida was leaving his people by boat, he told them that they would face a time of great suffering; that a white serpent was to come upon the Iroquois. This serpent would in time become so powerful that it would attempt to destroy them, choking the life's blood out of the Indian people. They would lose their land, their lives and their spirit.

They would be split into many parts by the religions of the white man. They would be humbled and made poor by the white man's conquest, but through this they would be cleansed of all selfish pride. Just when everyone thought they had forgotten about the ancient days -- when things looked darkest for the Indians, a red serpent would come from the north and terrify the white serpent; it would release the Indian letting him fall to the ground. The battle between the white and red serpents would begin slowly, but would then become so violent that the mountains would crack and the rivers would boil and the fish would turn up on their bellies. Deganawida said that there would be no leaves on the trees in that area. The two serpents would become battle-weary... The white serpent would revive and look to the East to be momentarily blinded by a light that is many times brighter then the sun. The light will be coming from the east to the west over the water. The white serpent will make a feeble attempt to gather itself and go toward the light. A portion of the white serpent will refuse to go; the rest would go to the sea and dip into the sea and be lost for a spell. Then suddenly it would appear again on the top of the water and be slowly swimming to the light. The red serpent would revive and he would shiver with great fear when he sees that light. He would crawl to the north and leave a bloody shaky trail and never be seen again by the Indians...

Deganawida said that as this light approaches he would be that light, returning to his people. When he returns, the Indians would be a greater nation than they ever were before. The Indians do not believe that he will literally return, "Just as Jesus said He would return, so Deganawida said he would return. But it means the same spirit of God that talked through these great men would return. Deganawida foretold the coming of the great Prophet, would be the World Uniter, and he would bring true world brotherhood. He would come with the same spirit of God that was in Deganawida and Jesus and renew the spirit of man, but in a way more worldwide and all-embracing than ever before in history. It is not necessary for the Prophet Himself to come from the east to the West, but for His Message to come. It is this Message, taught by dedicated teachers, that transforms the hearts of men and creates a new earth."

In the south-western United States also, a peaceful tribe called Hopi, has prophecy passed from generation to generation. They also knew of the coming of the white man and the suffering that would follow. They foretold the two world wars and the types of destruction they would bring to the world. The Hopis were warned that, in spite of suffering, they must hold to their land and ancient religions. "The chiefs were told that after the two world tragedies, a light would bring a re-awakening; it would come from the east and would come from the True White Brother. He would wear a red cloak and a red hat and would bring with him the sacred stone tablets which the True white Brother alone could read." The Hopis are taught "the coming of the Great Prophet to any people except those He is raised among is the coming of His teachers. The Hopi and the other Indians need to look for teachers who bring the following ideas: one language to the world; a religion that fulfills the great principles of peace and understanding that is in the Hopi teachings and yet is also new; a religion that aims to end the destruction and exploitation of the earth by man and end all war and violence, that seeks union and understanding between all races; and a religion that had its beginning in three great central figures."

"The helpers of the Great prophet can also be thought of as large groups of pure-hearted people who are spreading love, harmony and understanding between all races and all religions, humbly and without fanaticism. The New World of the spirit is coming soon, the Hopis feel, but this will mean there is much hard work ahead."

Black Elk, a Sioux from northern U.S., also saw the coming of the suffering of the white man. He to saw the humility they would bring to his people. But Black Elk saw finally "the daybreak star rising in the east, and a voice said: "It shall be a relative to them; and who shall see it shall see much more, for from there comes Wisdom." Black Elk saw that when people received this new message, when they understood it, they would become like flames of fire, spreading it to other people. But those who did not see the new Message would be filled with darkness. He said that the man from the east "would be painted bright red or clothed in red, but was like neither a white man nor an Indian in appearance. Those that would take the road of goodness, their grandfathers would walk with them.

About one hundred years ago when the Indians were in the midst of their suffering, a tribe of Blackfeet Indians received a vision at one of their Sun Dances. "They were told, 'Do not be disturbed, but be patient a little while longer, for He would come again and lead them out of the darkness into the light, and you will not suffer in the same way again.' In all past history the Spirit of God has come to mankind in the form of a great Prophet. This Prophet is usually rejected by men at first because He does not come with the physical glory they expect. But slowly, and then more and more rapidly, His great Message will begin to spread over the world and change the hearts of men. They saw the union of all races in harmony. Only a Great Prophet can bring this unity of understanding between the different races and religions, for He alone has the authority from God to explain the differences in religions and bring them together as One."

In 1962, a Blackfeet holy woman saw in a vision that this Man and the new spirit has already come to the world, but that it would be a while before it would spread to them. "New teachers would come who will give a Message that will be the same as the presence of God Himself among the Blackfeet, since his Message will gradually change the hearts of men and produce a new, spiritual civilization in which the rights and happiness of all men would be fully protected. The Blackfeet, as well as all Indians, should watch carefully for the coming of these new teachers of love and unity. Their religion will fulfill the prophetic dreams of all peoples and religions... The people who join the new faith have to remake their lives in order to spread the new spirit across the world; and that some made this change more slowly than others, carrying into the new movement old habits and attitudes that were harmful. Not until these people allow the full spirit of the new teachings to enter their souls do they become clean and beautiful within as God means them to be."

I have always admired the American Indian and have kept the words of their prophecy in my heart. Soon I hope that they might come to know that the time of their search has come to an end, and the Lord for whom they wait is indeed spreading the light of the new age of love and brotherhood. They have been looking for Him for over five hundred years and have suffered much, as His people, across the ocean, have suffered. 

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