The Words of the Tchocothe Family

Testimony of Francois Tchocothe

June 1970
Cameroun, Africa

Francois Tchocothe

I came into the world in a colonized continent, delivered into enslavement by its bother, under forms whose methods revolt all reason. In this universe of moral misery which can only equal absurdity, my battle began at the age of 5, and, since the age of 12, I have had to work hard to pay for my studies in the Christian schools.

I often went to the Lutheran Church to sing and to receive communion, because they sang all the time there. They don't sing in Latin like the Catholic Church where I was baptized but in the native tongue. I understood what the songs said. When my nurse found out that I was going to the Lutheran Church, she threatened to expose me before the pastor. I was 13 years old. I told her that my grandmother was Lutheran and that I was going in memory of her, which was true.

When the pastor proposed the seminary to me after primary school, I opposed his categorically. He asked for explanation and I told him everything. After calling me all sorts, of names, he told me that we were slaves, sons of slaves and only the white men can save us because they constitute our God. Afterwards, I realized that much of what had told me in an angry tone was right, but when he had told it me, I was only, 15 years old. I was deeply hurt by it. Not for me, for my brothers who were going to continue to live as slaves. When I felt I told him. "Thank you father, for all that you have said, but I do not want to go to the seminary. If God exists, He will tell me why I am a slave, even if He is Your God."

I often asked myself this question: "How to get the black people out this abyss where they have been piteously immersed?" Again, I retire into myself and with new eyes, contemplated the beautiful interior world which nourished me when I was smaller and has remained equally as beautiful. Meanwhile, I have made many mistake, and when I returned to Him, dirty as work clothes, this world welcomed me with the same calm as before, and I felt as guilty as a child who goes out to play instead of doing the dishes, and who comes back and finds the same affectionate mother who, waiting with steadfast joy, has prepared everything to celebrate the return of her child around the family table.

I then understood that it is this world that must be constructed, outside, a truly maternal world that overflows with love. God was then present in me, and it is I who had grown far from Him by justified but biased reasoning. In order for this society that I saw deep inside me to be valid outside, it must be capable of englobing humanity in its entirety. On these terms and only these terms it will resemble that which is in the interior of my being.

God being omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, this society is only possible in one form. No other is acceptable. So this society can only be a human family, unique in all the world.

From that moment, I thought of the methodology of the creation of such a society. Gathering all my friends together, I talked to them to obtain their collaboration and their inspiration. They all treated me as a utopist I decided to act alone. I left Cameroun in September 1960 with the following mission:

1) Deep knowledge of applied science

2) Immediate return to Africa and acquisition of land for fertile cultivation; assurance of regular work whose revenue would help buy more land for construction and breading

3) Getting 12 orphans, 10 years of age or less, from 5 continents; with them, the development of free will, absolute love of the other before oneself, manual and intellectual work in all forms, all centered on God, until the age of 18-then, deep study of 3 standard occupations; carpentry, mechanics, electricity. With this program, I left for France in May 1961 after 7 months of traversing West African territories. I quickly saw that I did not have the qualifications needed to take on my intended studies. To survive, I found a job in a factory with my professional Aptitude certificate. For 5 years, after 10 hours of work in front of machines, I took free evening courses.

In Europe, the people were already more open to my ideas. I met Jacqueline Rocquier. She understood very well my ideas and was very much concerned helping to solve the problem of black people. Together with her I wrote the practical structure of this new society in depth, which we baptized Testament III.

On Monday, January 10, 1970, at the science facility where I have courses, I met Barbara distributing strange tracts and she gave one to me. On the tract was written: "the world changes, history changes, politics changes lecture given by the Pioneers of the New Age" I said to myself "I must go to this lecture". Amphitheatre F-1 is exactly my Physics Amphitheatre. I don't usually go to lectures. I talked my friends into coming with me, without knowing that, naturally, they had decided not to come. I came early and talked to Reiner who directed me to our brother Henri who was giving the lecture that day.

Having worked a long time on Testament III, I said to myself, this man could not have found the total solution for uniting humanity better then I. Introspectively, the Orientals are very deep, and that must have been invented by this man to try to dominate the week and artificial minds of western world. I was sure that only my Testament III held the key to truth for the world. So at first, this thesis I heard appeared to me as a subtle force of oriental dominion. But I kept calm and attentively followed the rest of the lecture.

Suddenly, Henri traced on the blackboard 4 horizontal lines, followed by a vertical line. "That" he said "is the original way for man". But he drew the part between the 3rd and 4th lines in dashes. 9/10 of the way between the 2nd and 3rd part, he drew a large circle and along broken line coming down from the point. I paid very close attention then, and an unusual force made me register all the details that followed. At the end, all of my questions concerned one particular point: its causes, its consequences, its discovery. My last question was this: Then man can surmount the negative force? "Henri answered me with unusual certitude: "Yes". But the question:" How to surmount it?" was too much to be answered right away.

I couldn't sleep all night. I was tormented by the point of the Fall. Near 4 o'clock in the morning, the same unusual force that had held my attention in the amphitheater seized me. In this atmosphere, I clearly remembered a song I had had in dream six nights before:

"My God, how it rains, how it rains, how it rains Most everyone is drying and so I am

What is left for me on earth

O, My God, how it rains."

Sleep then overcame me.

When I listened to this lecture, I had had the feeling that I alone, with my society enclosed in Testament III, possessed the universal truth. It is then pride? Of course, since my childhood, I struggled morally against injustice, but why not want someone other than myself to discover a more complete truth? Aren't I not only proud but jealous? Those are feeling of those who do not know much but who think they know everything. It is this same feeling that has made humanity wander in obscurity of thousands of years.

I went for further study to the center in Boulogne [France] and on the 3rd visit, we touched the Ideal of Creation and its relationship with Adam I and Jesus. I recognized with immense joy that Adam III was there with the family cell, and that the kingdom of Our Father was already growing throughout the world. I also understood that my questions and requests to God for explanations were left unanswered until now because it was already there. The society of Testament III, which I thought I had invented, was what Our Father was in the process of installing. There are joys that words cannot express.

But, as before, my soul remained sad. There are more than 50 million people in France around me in this house at Boulogne, and here, there are hardly 10 people. Where is the pope with 800 million of my brothers who are waiting for the Return? The ten people that my sad eyed see are not astrologers, mathematicians, or physicians who propose the golden age, but they are humble people like 2000 years ago. We easily ask. We easily complain. But when it is given to us, we don't even have the heart to appreciate it in time, nor the eyes to see it in time. The obscurity has constructed a concrete wall around us.

Now the big question arises: how can I go about informing my brothers that the earth has received its True Father. That demands a deep understanding and a great patience; therefore, large heart, which, besides simple intelligence, must be capable of channeling and forming all beings of different beliefs, philosophies, professions and cultures towards one point, without the heat of passion but with a steadfast love.

I have been studying at the faculty of Science to acquire a mastery of Mechanics-Physics. This is not enough. I have to grow spiritually myself and realize deeply the Divine Principle. With this condition of becoming a man myself I can contribute to bring about this universal family quickly. Without this family I am useless for God, for humanity, and for myself. 

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