The Words of the Patel Family

Now I can really say I have Parents, whom I love

Suresh Patel
August 1970
New Delhi, India

Suresh Patel

Today I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Suresh Patel and I came from India. I was raised in a Hindu tradition. My parent, are not very religious. They did not force me to believe in something. They told me, I should believe in God and I should love him. My Father told me, I should love God as my father.

When I was about twelve years old, my uncle took me to a priest. He was a medium. As I came to him, he asked me: "what do you want?" I said, "I want to come to you." Then he said: "If you want to come to me, then go and serve your parents, love them more than anything. Then you can understand me: then you can come to me." These words went deep into my heart. At that time I was not living with my parents. So I said to myself, when you are grown up and have a family, then you should love your children, so that they see God in you.

My father and grandfather worked very much for India. A deep love for my country grew in me since my childhood. I always wanted to do something for the people in India.

At the end of 1962 I left India to study in Germany. It was my great desire to learn something, with which I could help the people in India. My father told me, that there are many young people in India, who would like to study in a foreign country, but they cannot do it. I wanted to get an education not only for myself but for my country. I wanted to study something, from which the people of India could profit.

At the end of 1965 I started to study ceramic engineering in Essen. In the beginning I was very happy, that. I was studying something. But after about one year I started to say, that these studies couldn't be my aim, if I want to help people in India. I was also very sorry to see, that there was no family life in Germany. I could not see my aim fulfilled, and I wanted to give up everything and go back to India.

In August 1967 I came in touch with the Divine Principle. As I:read the first chapter, I felt a deep love for God. I could understand God. In Hinduism we cannot understand God. God is very far away. Now He became so close to me. I began to really love him as my father. I am very grateful to our Heavenly Father, that He leads to his family. I am 2 1 years in the German family now. Here I got trained to take over my mission in India. I am very thankful to our True Parents, who have shown us this way. How I can really say, I have Parents, whom I love. I am also very thankful to the German family, that they helped me to understand the Principle deeper.

It is my greatest desire, that we all may get together soon and be "One Family". Let us work this.

In the name of our True Parents,
Suresh Patel 

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