The Words of the Kwun Family

Hak Ja Han -- From A Mom to True Mother

In Soung Kwun
January 29, 2014
Regional President, FFWPU Oceania

When the sun majestically sticks its head out between the white clouds above my head, the precious memories of the past 21 days, together with Chung Pyung's beautiful nature, come to mind. I would sincerely like to thank True Parents for boring through the high ceiling and giving us, who came running for a common purpose, the opportunity to see, feel and share "Vision 2020" all together.

The day before the start of the 21-day workshop directly supervised by True Parents, I had an unusual dream. In my dream, True Mother was living with us and enjoying the workshop together with us. She stayed with us as she gave her deep words and directions. I am not a spiritually sensitive person, so seeing True Parents appear to me in my dream helped me feel deep in my heart how much of True Parents' concern and love went into preparing this workshop for us.

If I were to summarize my reflection of this workshop in one phrase, it would be, "From my head to my heart, True Parents. The shift from True Mother to Mom." Real model delicate, subtle, delicate thoughtful considerate attentive warmth

This workshop was a precious time of understanding not the True Parents that I heard about through lectures and learned about in the Principle, but the True Parents who, as a substantial form, are warm, delicate and thoughtful. I felt the warmth and coziness of Mother as she wrapped us in her embrace.

A realization I gained through the Holy Song Sessions made me deeply feel the heart of True Parents. I was intoxicated by the grace I received as I felt heaven step down from a high pedestal and directly supervise the Holy Song Sessions. However, while offering praise from this place, far removed from the pedestal, new things came into my line of sight. I started to see the image of parents patting and stroking their young, handicapped children with sincerity, the sad image of elderly couples enveloping their older, handicapped children as they sang and the eyes of a black mother performing Ansu on her daughter's bent, handicapped foot. I thought, "This must be the sorrowful, laboring heart of True Parents as they raise an absolute standard before heaven, while seeing their lost children and the remaining fallen nature of Blessed Families." I empathized with True Parents and without even realizing it, began to shed tears for some time.

Hence, as I began to match the heart of True Parents in a small way, I took time during the 21-day period to pray at the Tree of Blessing 3 times a day, once after every meal.

One day during my prayer, I witnessed a beautiful sight. Two young sisters were holding hands as they walked up the mountain with their heads bowed in prayer. this pure, beautiful image cleansed my heart and I felt something overflowing in my chest. Seeing them was so great that I asked them a few questions and learned that they lived close to the ChungPyung Training Center and would occasionally come and offer devotion together.

They then walked back down the mountain towards the Training Center and the image of these sisters getting along so well as they held hands, hummed to themselves and followed directions was so beautiful. With a new heart, I determined to live as a believer carrying the pure heart of a child.

At the same time, the childhood I experienced growing up as a 2nd generation member repeatedly came to mind.

During a 3-year pioneer witnessing period, my parents had left me in the care of my maternal grandmother and had left my younger twin brother in the care of my paternal grandmother. the memories of being hungry in a home where I didn't feel welcomed and saying, "Please give me a lot of food," the memories of going to the countryside on cold winter days for pioneer witnessing with no money and due to being unable to start a fire, heading to the well to take a cold shower in an effort to overcome the cold as I tried sleep with a warm body, the times when I was so hungry that I stole corn and then cried tears of repentance as I prayed and begged for material blessings, the image of my youngest sibling who had to change elementary schools around seven times because of my parents' frequent relocation...these painful stories of growing up as a 2nd generation emerged from someplace deep in my heart and stunned me for some time.

However, that pain was also melted little by little by the love that True Mother gave us during the workshop. She occasionally sent us cake and coffee and at other times, she gave us steamed chestnuts. I was able to fill my heart with the warmth of True Mother's great love, and as the 21-day workshop now came to a close, I firmly resolved to become someone who can repay True Parents' love.

I would again like to thank True Parents for loving us despite our shortcomings, emphasizing that we become united as one, blessing us with the instruction to go forth and create a new Unificationist environment and for giving us the opportunity to accomplish these tasks.

I now conclude this reflection as I pledge that all of us Top Gun Workshop participants, centered on the new Korean President, will close ranks and realize the dream that True Parents have longed and hoped for. Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, thank you. We love you. 

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