The Words of the Kuhl Family

Let us unite to serve Our True Parents

Robin Kuhl
November 1970
English family

Over six months ago now, I went to a talk about Unified Family movement. Before starting the Principle member prayed out loud to the Heavenly Father, and though I do not remember much of the talk, it seemed afterwards it had tugged a very deep cord within me. The more I am in Principle, the more gratitude and wonder I feel to perceive how we have been prepared for this hour, across history, and through our own lives.

One side of my family was Roman Catholic and the other agnostic, so I grew up accepting Catholicism but also knowing that there could be more to life. After my education I got a job in an office in London; straight away I wanted to leave, sure that there must be more to life, but seeing no example of what. In order to justify my view, however, I decided to work there for two years before setting out to find whatever it was I really felt to do.

During these two years I went up a lot of blind alleys and started to become blasé about 'there must be more to life,' but this brought no fulfillment.

Words leave my mouth like racer pigeons
Migrating across radar
Homing somewhere
Not me.

Four months before the end of the two years, I went to stay in a monastery for a few days to see if it would come to me what I should do. One afternoon there I served Mass for the first time in my life. Afterwards I was crying, and cried within myself, 'Jesus, what's happening?' One morning, praying, I felt Him telling me not to confuse Him, the essence of true fatherhood, with my roots in the world of Satan.

Three months later, I first heard of the Unified Family. A week before the end of the two years I made my first visit to the Streatham Center and met Doris and Dennis [Orme]. Everyone was singing songs I'd never heard before. A fortnight later I moved in with their help. Now I am beginning to see how much we have been given the opportunity to do.

Let us unite to serve our True Parents and reclaim the whole world for our Heavenly Father.


In His Name, 

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