The Words of the Kral Family

My great personal memory of Sun Myung Moon

Martha Anna Kral
November 2012

In 1993, I was invited as the national representative of Poland to attend True Parents for one week in Alaska. Many brothers and some sisters participated. The sisters were sitting on the left side of the room, in just two rows. I got the chance to sit nearly every day in the first row on the very left.

True Father was as usually talking, walking along the front row, speaking, mostly on the brothers' side. I was sitting quietly, looking at True Father across the room. I felt grateful to sit there, in that very place, in True Father's presence.

Suddenly it happened, automatically, unconsciously: my heart opened and a beam of warm love was streaming out of my heart toward True Father, who was talking on the other side of the room, not even looking toward me. Suddenly True Father turned, looked at me and came directly over until he was standing in front of me. He started to speak to me, asking me very personal questions.

What I remember most is when he asked me about my love relationship with my husband. Whether I felt satisfied by my husband, whether I like it when my husband's love organ is strong, and so on. He spoke like a grandfather to me; it was very personal. I have to confess that I was quite blocked, not able to speak on that theme freely, openly and without shame.

This heart-to-heart relationship continued throughout the week I spent in Alaska. Repeatedly, True Father liked to stand in front of me, speaking, explaining something, using me for his examples. Once, True Father even kissed me on the top of the head during a talk about salmon. I can't remember what the connection was between a salmon and a kiss.... It was a surprise, for everybody!

What I want to share is the very authentic experience of True Father's response based on heart. He seems to be a highly sensitive person, responding immediately and in a very natural way to one's honestly open heart and love.

I shall always cherish in my heart this great personal memory of True Father. 

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