The Words of the Kittel Family

Pure Love Alliance and its Relationship with the Unification Church and the FFWPU

Robert Kittel
September 30, 1999
President, Pure Love Alliance

The intention of this message is to clarify the relationship between the Pure Love Alliance and the Unification Church and the FFWPU. The Pure Love Alliance (PLA) was established in 1996 as a 501 c 3 non-profit, non-sectarian organization with the sole purpose of promoting the message of abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage. The PLA is a legally separate organization with no direct relationship to the Unification Church. We also do not receive funding from either the Unification Church or from the FFWPU.

Members of the Unification Church started the PLA. But the PLA was not founded for the purpose of evangelism or religious conversion. The founding members include Mr. Robert Kittel, President; Mr. Michael Balcomb, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Howard Self; Chief Operations Officer.

The PLA is not to be used to proselytize or witness for church activities or membership. The Pure Love Alliance must maintain this clear and distinct identity for several reasons.

First, the Pure Love Alliance has been successful in establishing a Board of Advisors, many of whom are not Unification Church Members. These agreements and relationships were made on the premise that the PLA is a non-sectarian organization with the singular focus of promoting abstinence for young people. These relationships were based on a foundation of trust and it is the PLA's responsibility to make share that these commitments are not violated.

Secondly, the PLA has also been successfully teaching in public schools. It is absolutely imperative that we maintain our non-sectarian status in public education. Because we are teaching in the public schools parents, teachers and administrators will likely be unwilling to invite the PLA into the classrooms if it has a hidden agenda of religious conversion.

Thirdly, we will be training youth ministers from other religious organizations to go with us into the public schools as abstinence educators. This relationship will quickly evaporate if PLA is used to proselytize the UC.

We do not want to discourage you, especially if you want to work in the area of youth and with the issue of abstinence. PLA is a great vehicle for this and maintaining this clear separation will, in fact, help you.

A point of clarification: A few months ago Unification Church officials approached PLA and requested permission to use the Pure Love Pledge in a signature campaign they were conducting nationwide. After discussing this with board members, we agreed to give them permission. We would have done the same if any other religious group.

For any information regarding the Pure Love Alliance please contact our national office in New York. Thank you very much. 

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