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Free Medical Clinic Held in Nepal

Robert S. Kittel
March 9, 2014
Director of Peace Education, UPF-Asia

Kathmandu, Nepal -- "I am very, very happy to serve the Nepalese people. I have traveled to more than six countries and find Nepalese people humble and sincere," said Dr. Shirahisi Hiroshi, an ophthalmologist, from the Isshin Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

A team of four doctors and seven nurses spent three days in Nepal, March 7-9, 2014. They conducted a free medical clinic on the first two days of their visit where more than 1,000 people benefited from these services. The elderly and youth queued up in an orderly fashion from morning till evening in Banepa, a city on the outskirts of the capital, Kathmandu, for a complimentary medical check-up.

Three Japanese doctors: Dr. Shirashi Hiroshi (an ophthalmologist), Kami Kawatoko Yutaka (a physician), and Dr. Noriyuki Fujii (a dentist) were from the Isshin Hospital. Dr. Park (a dentist) came from Korea.

From the Nepal side four doctors also attended the medical camp: Dr. Ranjaya Shah, Dr. Pravin, Dr. Bikram Karna and Dr. Subash Chandra Jha (son of Vice-President of Nepal, Rt. Hon. Parmanand Jha). Dr. Shah, expressed the feelings of all the Nepalese staff when he said, "I felt very happy while serving my people. Even more, I am so impressed by the Japanese heart and culture of selfless service that I saw during this medical camp."

Dr. Hiroshi and Dr. Yuktaka together with Hon. Milan Rajbanshi, a parliament member from the Nepal Family Party, visited the residence of the Vice President of Nepal, Rt. Hon. Paramand Jha, and provided a general medical check-up for him and his wife. "I am very, very happy to serve the Nepalese people," Dr. Hiroshi said. "I have traveled to more than six countries, and I find the Nepalese people humble and sincere."

The program was co-sponsored by UPF-Nepal. 

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