The Words of the Kisungu Family

Seunghwa For Moso Kisungu

June 20, 2007

Dear family,

We received sad news from R. D. Congo, one of our IFA member, brother Moso Kisungu has passed to the spiritual world on June 14th in Kinshasa R. D. Congo.

The brother was diagnosed with liver cancer this February.

After attending the last session of forgiveness workshop in Chung Pyung, he decided to return to his home country to try other means to get well, since his Japanese doctor couldn't help to save his life.

The brother left behind two children with his Japanese wife.

I don't have details about the Seungwa ceremony in Congo but in Japan, it will be held in his local Church in Nerima/Tokyo this Saturday June 23rd from 17:00. For those who wish to attend the ceremony, please call the church to get directions. 

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