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Former Japanese Premier Mr. Nobusuke Kishi spoke at Japanese HSA-UWC Headquarters

August 11, 1970

Mr. Nobusuke Kishi is speaking at the Headquarters of Japanese HSA-UWC

On August 11th, 1970, ex-premier Nobusuke Kishi in Japan paid a visit to Japanese Holy Spirit Association at Shotocho, and saw the movies of Anti-Communist movement and delivered speech as follows:

I called at this headquarters twice. When I was invited to see the movies of the national rally on May 11th in preparation of WACL conference in Tokyo, Japan scheduled in coming September at any time and place, I was anxious to see it, but I preferred to see it as well as you at this headquarters.

I was much impressed in the inspiring scenes which heaped up over brimming ardors and actions of IFEC members. Particularly, it was really heartening to see you heaping up national rise, propagating the meaning of WACL Conference in Japan for its victorious success through campaign.

Concurrently the year of 1970 is the crucial moment of Japan. Since The Joint Japanese-American Security Treaty revised when I was premier is to be renovated on June 23rd, 1970, the Japanese Communist Party and other leftists had been trying to bring forth communist revolution to Japan by means of revoking the treaty, taking advantage of this opportunity if possible.

Accordingly, Government, FDP (the Free Democratic Party) and other organizations feeling keenly of the maintained treaty for security had been making efforts to overthrow their counter influence with all their might.

There had been even extreme anxiety about any possible serious affairs,

However, as you already know, the leftist's movement for revoking the treaty ended in formality. As I have been convinced of, in revising the security, the revision is sure to be motive power of peace and prosperity of Japan, and its nonsense for the counter force to say that the revision would provoke Japan to be involved in a war and militarism to recover.

As testified by the facts of past ten years, Japan is the most peaceful, and has made surprisingly economic development.

As the result of general election in last December, the Free Democratic Party, the Government Party won 300 and more seats in the House of Representatives whereas the Socialist Party suffered a crushing defeat. It may be the primary reason of their miserable defeat for them to keep talking nonsense from the national point of view.

I had objection to the view point that the year of 1970 is the crisis in Japan because I had been convinced of no possibility of serious affairs in 1970.

Only I have regarded 1970's as serious. Taking a view of prospective 1970's it's pregnant with the critical situations and from such a point of view, I think it extremely meaningful for WACL Conference to be held in Japan in the beginning of 70's. Before the World Anti-Communist League was inaugurated, APACL (The Asian People Anti-Communist League) had been acting and I was once chairman of APACL conference in Japan.

Mr., Kish Paid a visit to The Hqs. of Japanese HSA-UWC

At that time, most of the members were, to my regret, old generation, and matter of course, there may be no difference of ideas between old and young, but I had thought that it was primarily required for the young members abound power of execution to be centered for turning the movement and struggle over the next generation. Now you, young generation of IFVC (The international Federation for Victory over Communism) meet my expectation in promoting WACL Conference in Japan.

No matter how earnest we persuade the fallacy and untruth of communism, since this ideology has been spreading throughout the world with a kind of religious passion, so as to bring to genuine peace and freedom by means of putting the ideology right, a mere persuasion can be of no use. Unless we make the people realize and recognize the fallacy of communism through our practice and efficiency, there may be no room for decisive showdown with communism. To your making remarkable efforts including fund-raising campaign day and night, for WACL Conference, I'm really grateful and respectful. Nothing other than this can make us feel reassured in view of the prospective this country. I really entreat you to hold fast to the end. Even though I'm still energetic, I'm already at your grandfather's age. Be that as it may, it's my view point that so long as I'm energetic, I'm to perform my mission I have two major missions. The first one is revision of Japanese constitution and the other is the fulfillment of the world peace based on genuine freedom and justice.

When the current constitution was drafted, I had been imprisoned as a war criminal at Sugamo prison by the allied army. In the light of history and tradition of this country, for putting up right of the short comings of our people, and performance of historical mission in the world, there must be made a new constitution through free discussion and in our own will. There is no denying the fact that the constitution promulgated in the reign of Meiji had been waking big contribution to the development of Japan, but I think it desirable for Japan to have new constitution for training new generation. The present constitution of Japan was drafted and forced n the Japanese people under the occupation of American forces who prohibited to express our free will, and more over coerced no maintenance of the 'Fenno' System unless we accept it.

I'm questionable if such a constitution can be motive power for our performance of historical mission of the world as an independent country. Meanwhile, glancing at the international situation, we have heard more than enough of world peace at all times and everywhere. But how about the current situation?

The scene of deadly strife and bloodshed in Indo-China peninsula, tense state of south and north Korea centering around 38th parallel. the Strait of Formosa, Thailand and Burma under the menace of the Communist China, boundary dispute between India and the Red China, Czechoslovakia pressed by the Soviet Army, Israel on bad terms with Arab etc.

Wherever can we find the fruit of peace? Has there earnest wish of whole mankind ever been answered? And where can be found its primary reason?

Nothing has been disorganizing the peace of existing world other than international communism. In the last few years I have joined in organizing The Asian Parliamentary Union and its member nations are Japan, Korea, the Republic of Free China, Philippines, South Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos, and Australia, Cambodia, India, and New Zealand have intention to take part in the organization making an analysis of international situation the organization came to an agreement that international communism is this very disorganizer of the peace of Asian countries.

Making a trip to every country in Asia, I've been trying to persuade them with possible means. And as you see, I called 15th Japanese-Chinese (Formosa) Cooperation Committee and 4th Japanese-Korean Cooperation Committee in Tokyo. To my interest, Japanese Masscom, which had put aside the meeting of Japanese Cooperation Committee was much interested this time Committee, dispatching many cameramen from all the journals in Tokyo. It was because Chou En Lai, Red Chinese Premier forced the four principles Japanese business firms to accept. So mass communication tried to check how many of the major firms would accept the four principles through this committee. To my disappointment, some firms followed the principles, at first, but our continuous persuasion made a great hit, consequently the unprecedented many firms joined the committee and the article was reported on the front page of the newspapers, pretentiously. Returning from the Japanese-Korean Cooperation Committee in Seoul, Minister Fukuda of Finance made a report as follows; "For my part Korea takes charge of the front line against Communist aggression to Japan for peace and safety of our country, but she has no claim sharing her military expenditure to Japan. If we are informed of her real state, now that Japan has made surprisingly economic development. It is proper for us to make a positive cooperation for her economic development." For this report I'm in raptures.

Though there may be hard possibility of military aid to Korea and China from the peculiarity of the current Japanese constitution, I'm taking economic, political or indirect military cooperation into consideration. I'm sure that nothing but this can pave the way for peace and safety and prosperity of these three nations and for the prevention of Communist aggression. Then it can be the central axis of Asia which will actually bring about Asia based on genuine freedom and justice. There has never been peace for nothing. Now let me turn back to the above question.

In the revision of constitution it should be made clear that though there may be no our intention of aggression, (Japan can and should have her own self) defense force for the prevention of direct or indirect Communist aggression as clearly recognized in the current constitution. The best of luck to WACL Conference, Thank You. 

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