The Words of the Ishi Family

Three doves from South Korean President head for WACL Japan

Mitsuharu Ishii
September 18, 1970

Three doves presented from President Chung Hee Park

On September 18th, 1970 by the Korean Airlines, three Korean doves presented from President Chung Hee Park, of the Republic of Korea headed for Japan along with Mr. Mitsuharu Ishii, the Financial Committee of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and the Director of Business Department of HSA-UWC in Japan.

The doves are due to fly in the opening of 4th WACL Conference with fanfare on September 20th in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Ishii said that he came to Korea on the resolution of the executive committee to bring WACL doves, the pacific symbol, from Korea, the Prime-mover nation of Anti-Communist league, as the sacred fire of the Olympic games comes from Greece, the cradle of the games. 

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