The Words of the Inglis Family

Breakfast at East Garden

M. Inglis
April 9, 1999

These are a copy of my notes that I took over breakfast at East Garden yesterday.

Father and Mother, Kook, Hyung, Young with his wife, Pak, Peter Kim, Chin Spurgin, Jenkins, Shimmyo, Hendricks and two Koreans I don't know.

Father fed the huge fish who is doing very well, with great splashing and chomping. I sit next to Peter Kim, a number of Korean ladies led by the chief shaman Kim sit in the hallway. Father has nice pink shirt with flowers and mauve cardigan, Mother a skirt, blouse and red cardigan.

Across the table from me sit Chin Spurgin and Jenkins all have dark dark gray suits white shirts and ties. The three ...

Hoon Dok Hae is read from 6.00 -7.00 am Won Ju reads. She is interrupted once some mistake in the speech. Mother is holding hands with Hyung Jin - she looks very very tired.

6:35 3 kids and 1 Korean drop off

6:40 Speech ends, no one notices

6:41 Won Ju starts new one

6:50 The huge glass container of ginseng roots suspended in wine behind Won Ju catches my eye they look like a cross between blood vessels and brains.

Hoon Dok Hae continues with me meditating on the maps on the wall. One shows mothers trips across the US the other shows her trip across back and across the world again. It looks to me that she will be in an airplane for about 150 hours - that's a long time to sit in an airplane.

2 of grand kids walk in bow and kiss Father, then bow and kiss Mother and then leave.

There is a large 1992 blessing photo and calligraphy from 87/7/20 on wall.

7:17 Hoon Dok Hae continues. Most look to be in pain I wonder what the speech is about?

Fortunately Hoon Dok Hae ends shortly. One of the Koreans prays very desperately, then breakfast is served. All the children leave on the double. Kamiyama shows up dressed for fishing.

We get a dark red bean and rice soup accompanied by grilled cheese sandwiches??? I stay away from the sandwiches. Eggs, sausages, potatoes and vegetables then show up. Potatoes are delicious. Father tucks into these. He obviously likes them. Tea and coffee is served by the kids wives.

Jenkins and Shimmyo talk to Father and Mother about her speech the night before at Phoughkeepsie. Very good front-page coverage from the local paper.

Mother then leaves.

Peter Kim and I then talk to Father for about 20 minutes about our business.

Father then discusses fishing with Kamiyama and a couple of the others. Everything concludes at about 8:15.

20 minutes later Father leaves for fishing. Mother stands at the door to wave goodbye to Father. 

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