The Words of the Inglis Family

Leah's Heart

M. Inglis
May 15, 2001

It is my understanding that Jacob worked in Haran for 7 years to receive his bride Rachel. (In the position of restored Eve / younger sister / Abel position.) He was instead given Leah. (Representing fallen Eve / older sister / Cain position.) As you know this led to difficulties 10 children from Leah and the servants and only 2 from Rachel, Joseph and Benjamin. This of course led to later difficulties with the 10 / 2 spies and 10 / 2 tribes. It also later led to the two women at Jesus' time Elizabeth (Leah) and Mary (Rachel).

If Leah had loved Rachel and not consummated her marriage, but instead said to her Father, "No Father, Rachel should be his bride, I will wait." Then there would have been the restoration of the elder sisters birthright and there would not have been the earlier condition set where Elizabeth would not be able to do the same thing with Mary. She let Mary go to Zechariah, at first with a willing heart, but later turned resentful and angry towards her and kicked her out of the house, She also did not explain his mission properly to her son John. If Jesus had this support and her daughter as a bride, he would not have been crucified.

The other issue is a tragedy. There are many reasons for it. We should know them. It may also be a blessing, there are two sides to a coin. 

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