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Reunification of Korea

M. Inglis
April 14, 2000

About 9 months ago, I was at the E. Garden breakfast table and Father had us read "Who Is He", the book interpreting Korean prophecy by Sung, Mo Koo. We read the entire book at one sitting and Father frequently interrupted to add his own comments. The complete English version is the last section of the recently printed book "The CTA and the Ideal Kingdom."

One amusing aside comment was about Korea representing the male organ and Japan the lady with her legs open and Cheju Island being a drop of semen. This is why Father had the 2nd generation 36 couples start their families on Cheju Island.

Anyway the vast majority of Fathers comments were regarding the issue of reunification that is dealt with in chapter 3 of that book. The key prophecy from the book is -

When will unification take place? It is in the month of September (red dog), either in the year of the dragon or the year of the snake. The years that meet this condition are 2000 and 2025.

Father then interrupted and said that it had to happen in the year 2000, month September.

Around November, Father asked us, HSA Publications, to reprint 30,000 copies of the book "The Way of Unification" and that this book was the key Hoon Dok Hae book for the period. All members in America were given these two books to read at Fathers birthday celebration in Wash DC. I remember the time before MSG when Father read and read and read Dr. Lee's books so that he could create the conditions for the spirit world blessings at that time. He is now solely focused on reunification and is pursuing that course in a similar way.

The Word of God is the key to life. "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4. Father knows this to the bone and is recreating the world through the Word of God. We must join him and support him by reading this book.

On February 10th, I heard Father's speech in Seoul. This speech completely lays out the way for the two Korean nations to reunite. This speech is also been given to all the participants of Mothers tour in America which is going on now.

At E. Garden last Thursday, when True Parents' arrived back in America from Korea, Father again reiterated that this year and the next 2 till his birthday in 2003 were completely critical to the successful completion of his mission. There is no doubt in my mind that he is completely determined to bring about reunification at this time. He does not have the time to wait till 2025.

No one could have foreseen how the worlds, spiritual and physical moved to bring about the reunification of E and W Germany much before it happened. Really we can only say that it was God's power that the Russian flag was raised and the Soviet flag removed on top of the Kremlin on Christmas day. Of course Father's efforts and Reagan's efforts helped bring it about, but truly God is directing this providence and He will bring it to pass.

It is my hope and prayer reunification will occur completely by September 2000. 

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