The Words of the Inglis Family

Blessing 2000 / Little Angels Banquet / Hanmadang Games

M. Inglis
February 14, 2000

Yesterday we arrived on a calm overcast day to the Olympic stadium at 10.30 am. It was all ready almost 1/2 full. Our ministers started arriving and within 1 hour the section given to us was completely full. Many many more ministers were standing in line waiting. Time to take things into our own hands. People who had come 8000 miles should not be stopped at the last foot.

I hurried up a ramp to look for an alternative spot on the higher level. The door was closed and guarded by a Korean. Pleading would not help, he was going to keep it closed. We decided to just go for it. The ministers all walked up the ramp and upon seeing them he opened the door. They all got in.

The stadium was jam packed by 12.30 and the pre-show bean at 1.00. Two great Korean lady singers rocked the house and a finally a slightly older but more heartistic Korean gentleman wrapped it up. There were still about 5000 - 10000 more people trying to get in, but it was full.

The blessing began at 2.00. Dr. Pak was the MC, what a great voice on an excellent sound system. The nine spiritual leaders were wonderful. True Parents entered to the Halleluia chorus. What a great sight, the helicopter buzzing overhead. I think almost all of the ministers were awed, I certainly was. The ceremony was over much to quickly and the Mansei's were accompanied by great fireworks and balloons.

In the evening I attended the convocation closing banquet at the Little Angels center. A great dinner was served and after dinner Father spoke on the subject of true love. After his speech Father wanted to inaugurate two new organizations. Dr. Barrett gave a great call to arms and Father painted two very large beautiful caligraphies. The key organization founded was the Cosmic True Parents Federation.

What could match that. Well the performance of the Little Angels could and did. they were fantastic. Before their finale we were treated to Jin Sung and In Jin's two virtuoso children play the piano. The girl wished Grandpappa and Grandmamma Happy Birthday and said "she loved them." The boy did the same and said "I love you more than my sister". At the end his sister quipped that she loved them even more. So cute.

This morning I attended the Hanmadang Games, again held in the Olympic gymnasium, site of Father's birthday celebration. When we arrived, as it was starting, it was only about 1/3 full, but people kept coming. Hyun Jin gave a good speech in English and his / our Father spoke in Korean. It seemed that the crowd was very international with a lot of young people from the CIS and Europe. I was happy also to bump into an older Japanese gentleman, Mr. Ishii, still going strong.

Highlights of the closing ceremony were the Tae Kwon Do exhibition, the rhythmic gymnasts and the dance by Korean CARP and HARP students symbolizing the reunification of Korea.

Mike Leone and I bumped into Jeff Talaksan and ended up having lunch together. For those who knew him he is doing well in St. Petersburg.

I ended the day with the ministers from New York in a little Korean restaurant having dinner. Many of them reflected their deep gratitude to True Parents and that they had had an incredible time.

So have I. 

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