The Words of the Huinink Family

The first chapter of the Divine Principle was translated into Greek

Herman and Corrie ten Bokkel Huinink
February 24, 1971
Athens, Greece

Dear Family,

With joy we received The Way of the World". It was inspiring us very much to recall the events happened during those months.

During this month we continued to lay a foundation. One boy, who heard the Divine Principles, introduced Herman to some people of a New Age group in Athens. Herman could speak about the movement and taught the first two chapters. They found many ideas in common. The spirit world is preparing people everywhere.

The person who was translating, finished the introduction and the first chapter of the Divine Principle in the Greek language. We hope that soon the translation of the other chapters will continue. Till that time we are centered on people who can speak English. So now and then a Greek lesson from a friend, but our knowledge is not sufficient to teach in Greek.

During the evenings and on Sundays we invite people to our room. So far, about 10 persons are listening to the D.P. Some have only one or two chapters, others are on the way to the conclusion.

With one girl we could read the life story of our Master and an introduction to Korea.

We hope to have soon a new brother or sister with us to spread the message to all those who are longing for love and truth.

Our deepest love to Father and Mother and Family all over the world.

Herman and Corrie ten Bokkel Huinink 

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