The Words of the Huinink Family

We want heartily to have some spiritual children in Greece

Corrie and Herman Huinink
February 3, 1971
Athens, Greece

Dear Family,

What happened last month for God throughout the world?

Here in Greece -- Family; at the center we are still alone.

There are more persons interested in Divine Principle than we can teach. We are both working 8 hours. In the evening we teach or visit people together. One stays at the center to teach the Truth and other goes to somewhere outside to visit any people. Therefore, we need more teachers in this Greece. God and the spirit world are preparing definite persons to accept.

Greeks like to go by feelings rather than reason. Even after they have got the Divine Principle in book form at home, they prefer to talk about it and do not read.

At 5 a.m. God's Day 1971, Father and our family were at Greece -- Holy Ground. We prayed and read some parts of our Master's speech. In the evening one Ghanese student in Athens came to our room. Together with his Greek friend we sang songs and we talked the way of living.

On 3rd of January, we visited a man who stayed about ten months in Japan. But, unfortunately, he is not interested about spirit world at all. In this month one boy and one girl heard the conclusion of the Divine Principle.

About 150 American -- Greek students study medicine in Athens. I feel really sorry for those warm hearted but yet blind Orthodox Christians.

One evening we had 3 members of a Christian student group at our center.

We want heartily to have some spiritual children in this country.

We send our deepest love to all Korean Family and all Unified members over the world.

In the name of Our True Parents
Corrie and Herman 

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