The Words of the Huinink Family

Report on the Unified Family in Greece

Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

In October 1969 Teddy [Verheyen], Pauline [Verheyen] and I arrived in Greece where they stayed for four days whilst I found a living place and work etc. On October 15th I found a small hotel where I slept in a room with 10 other people. It was difficult to pray and even write letters. It was impossible to find work and for more than ten months I was supported from Holland. I lived poorly to make condition for my mission. Four days later, I was led to the Holy Ground and Father and Mother, Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi and Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu were with me and told me about the forty days to lay the foundation for my mission. I was told very soon someone would help me. Very shortly after one person accepted -- Comi.

I prayed on a hill, but couples always were walking around there was no privacy. I fasted and never slept before midnight. Spirits helped but they also worked strongly against me. The country has 95% orthodox church officially. One is not allowed to talk freely about other religious groups. The Government created difficulties for people especially if I stayed up overnight for indemnity. I went directly to the university where they speak English. The Greek word for foreigner means guest, they are very friendly to foreigners. Many times I have been invited to homes etc., but they have little sense of time frequently being 20 minutes late. Every day I made at least five telephone calls but I had no place to invite them. In February I finally got a room but without a telephone.

I enrolled as a student of Theology, and got a permit to remain for one year. For 1 1/2 months I have worked as a proof reader for an English-Greek newspaper. The only member was taken away by his parents. The Greeks are very prepared really open for Principle. Several who could accept Leader and Divine Principle fell away because they could not accept the heavy responsibility and follow through. I have laid a personal foundation for Father's Heart. After all I now have a good member -- my wife. This is of course only to speed up the restoration of Greece.


Leader: Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink

Headquarters: To Be Established

No. of Members: 2 (My wife and I)

Date of opening first center: 15th October 1969 

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