The Words of the Huinink Family

I got a job as proofreader for an English-Greek newspaper

Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink
June 30, 1970
Athens, Greece

Dear Family,

Teddy gave in his 3 day visit to Athens in May, a report of Korea. He showed me many pictures and explained the new introduction and first chapter of the Divine Principles.

Together we went to the University where I usually witness. Later we could speak with students who knew the conclusion of the Divine Principle.

These days with Teddy served many purposes. It was our first real meeting since October last year when I started my mission in Greece.

After months since I really was looking for work, I got a job as proofreader for an English-Greek newspaper.

I have sent to two newspapers information about that WACL conference in Tokyo scheduled for Sept. 1970.

This week most of the students have their final examination after finishing they can study with me the things which have ultimate value.

In our True Parents Name


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