The Words of the Huinink Family

I started a 40 day condition to lay a foundation in Greece

Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink
November 28, 1969
Athens, Greece

Dear family

After Teddy and Pauline [Verheyen] left me in Greece I went to the Holy Ground and started a 40 day condition to lay a foundation for the Greek people to know our Father's truth. I am using the English language here in Greece, because many Greek students speak English and I am making many contacts with the students. I am taking a course in the Greek language at the University of Athens. The Greek people have already taken a great place in my heart. I loved them very much from the very first day. I am living in a sleeping room at a hotel. The room has 10 beds and there is a small room that joins my room that has 2 beds.

When meeting someone, I make an appointment to meet them in a restaurant or their homes. When going to the home of a student the family likes to know all about me. They take a lot of my time talking. I do not feel I should cut this off, but feel I should make friends with the parents of the students. When they speak in the Greek language I try to develop my love for them.

When I fast 3 days I ask the Father to make the 3 days like 7 days.

The letter from Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi, telling where the Holy Ground located was a great joy to me, and was able to find the right place right away.

When I am by the Holy Ground I can I write and pray much better.

In my hotel room are two American students and they are interested in the Divine Principles. I have been able to talk and lecture to many students, one boy John Moschos seems to be prepared.

My tears accompany the word of the Divine Principle. The battles I have fought and what I have learnt is hard to express in word, my feelings and love are taking a greater place than my reason. I am not putting into much time on the Greek language, speaking with students and crying, fasting and praying for the people is number one.

So far 4 3 students have heard the principles all the way through. I wish all of you much love, power, faith and wisdom to bring the world as soon as possible to our True parents. To say Monsei 3 times at every situation gives much power.

A month long fighting with sweat, blood and tears and you will hear from me again.

Monsei, Monsei, Monsei

Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink  

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