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Offering Civic Education to Zambian Students

Fabrice Djimadoum
September 20, 2011

Lusaka, Zambia -- UPF-Zambia conducted a program of civic education at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce in Lusaka September 12-14 in advance of the September 20 general elections, encouraging responsible conduct during and after elections.

The Management Board of the college invited UPF-Zambia to facilitate civic education for its students. The Evelyn Hone College was opened in 1963 and, with 5,000 students, is the largest public institution of learning in Zambia among the 25 institutions under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocational Training. It ranks third after the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University.

The talks took place in the Gymnastics Hall of the college and were given by UPF-Zambia chapter staff: Chairman Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba N. Masheke; Secretary General Rev. Rudolf Faerber; Ambassador for Peace Dr. David Kasuba; Director of Education Mr. Lawrence Banda; Youth Federation for World Peace President Mr. Crispin M. Mwangana; and UPF-Zambia Secretary Mr. Fabrice Djimadoum.

Around 200 students attended per day. The students came from different departments, including Business Studies, Health Sciences, Media Studies, Academic Applied Sciences, Secretarial, Education, and Communication Skills. So each day was reserved for one or several departments.

The talks included speeches, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, and opportunities for questions and answers. Gen. Masheke spoke on "What is the Role of a Politician?" Dr. Kasuba, a consultant in social development, emphasized the good attitude which students should show as future leaders. And Rev. Faerber gave PowerPoint Presentations on Principles of Democracy and The Need for New Vision and Leadership.

All the speakers encouraged the students to carefully examine the positive roles they can play in civic life and their professional careers. They also stressed the significance of youth playing positive roles in relation to their family, who are sponsoring them, to their society, where they can take up the challenge of leadership, and eventually to their nation as a whole, in promoting its development. Some videos about UPF activities in 2011 were shown, and the students were given opportunities to ask questions relative to the themes of the presentations.

The organizers under the College Counselor, Mrs. Selina Ngoma, expressed appreciation for the program and hope to work together in the future.

Note: Millions of Zambians went to the polls on September 20 to vote for presidential, parliamentary and local polls leaders for the next five years. Apart from some rioting in poor neighborhoods in the capital, voting was peaceful. 

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