The Words of the Perrin Family

A Child of True Parents

June Darby-Perrin
December 1987
A member in South Africa

I had an experience after being blessed that helped me understand the real nature of my new relationship with True Parents.

I prayed very hard after the Blessing to grasp what "the transfer of blood lineage" meant. I wanted to know clearly what it meant to be a child of True Parents. Father said that our relationship with him was, in a sense, more real than our relationship with our physical parents. I believed him, but the concept was vague to me. I couldn't comprehend the reality of it.

I was pioneering alone in Edinburgh at the time, and one day my central figure suggested I witness to a certain medium there and take a photo of Father to show him.

I did, and the medium said it was very apparent that I loved the man in the photo very much, and that he also loved me very deeply. But he was quite puzzled by this love relationship, because it seemed to pose no threat to my marriage.

Then suddenly he looked very sharply at the photograph and back at me and said, "He's your father! You're his daughter!" Then he looked at me again and said, "But you can't be...but you are!" He kept exclaiming this. He was totally puzzled as to how I, a blonde European woman, could have a black-haired, Oriental father!

That experience showed me clearly that True Parents were true, real Parents. I understood then that the spiritual reality was the deeper reality. In the eyes of God, I was as a spiritual mother to my physical parents, and they could be my spiritual children. I had to lead them to True Parents so that they, too, could one day find spiritual and physical salvation through the Blessing.

I was deeply grateful for that experience and was able to affirm with great joy and gratitude the words I always read in the Pledge of the Families "We families... vertically connected and flesh and blood of the True Parents."

From that day the very expression "True Parents" took on a profound new meaning for me.

Now, no matter what difficulties I experience, I can never depart from the side of Father and Mother because I know without a shadow of doubt that they are my True Parents.

I feel so sad whenever I hear of blessed couples leading isolated, independent existences, and I cry out. If only they really understood the precious reality of what it means that they are True Parents' children! Then no hardship, sacrifice, or difficulty would be too great for them to overcome, and they would never waver in their faith, love, and obedience to Father and Mother.

I know I still don't appreciate and value the significance of the Blessing enough, nor the very great price of suffering True Parents paid to give it to us. But I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to reaffirm my commitment and dedication to True Parents by helping expand their foundation where I live through fulfilling my home church responsibilities. In this way, the fruit of my actions can express my love and gratitude to True Parents for the priceless gifts they have given to us.

I would also like to add that I have actually experienced that God is the origin of love. No matter how much difficulty you may experience in trying to unite with your husband or wife, if both of you can individually come to love God and True Parents, work to fulfill their will, and strive to see your spouse from God's point of view, there suddenly comes a time when you find yourself loving your partner as God does. It is a most incredible experience, because then you can definitely feel that, although your love is part of you, it comes from outside of yourself and is actually much bigger than both of you combined. Then unity between the two of you becomes easy, and it is no longer a struggle to love. 

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