The Words of the Perrin Family

It was an inspiring day to hear our Leader's words in the beauty of the creation

June Perrin
December 4, 1971
Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

Since I last wrote I moved into a beautiful center that Father found. It is very centrally located, being only 5 minutes' walk from Princes St, which is the center of Edinburgh. Although it is so central both front and back windows look onto lovely parks where no houses can be seen.

I had only been in the new center a few days when Eric Holt returned from Dennis and Doris at Dorney Cottage, and moved into the center to work for Father in restoring Scotland. Eric is a student at Edinburgh University and is learning to teach Principle.

A few days later Dennis, Doris and Yong Oon arrived with Marjorie Hill from Ireland, encouraging and guiding us on the right direction. Marjorie stayed on for a few days with us after Dennis and Doris left helping in the restoration of the center.

In the last two months 20 people have been to the center and two have heard conclusion. One girl accepts Principle, but not in heart.

Dennis, Doris and Yong Oon spent a week with us at the beginning of November when they gave talks at the University and met people studying here.

It was wonderful having them for so long, learning more of our Father's heart, and how to improve ourselves for Father to be better instruments for Him.

We joined the rest of the English Family at Dovedale to celebrate Children's Day. It was altogether an inspiring day to hear our Leader's words in the beauty of the creation and to be with the Family again. It was also good to see so many new faces.

We returned to Scotland strengthened in number and sprint as Dennis Perrin returned with us.

Since then we have pushed out more speaking publicly on Sunday afternoons at Speakers Corner, the equivalent of Hyde Park in Edinburgh, and gave talks in two Spiritualist Churches. In the one church Dennis exposed the Original Sin and surprisingly they all seemed to accept it and want us to speak again. We are also busy making other speaking engagements. Already we have a few engagements booked but want many more.

Please give our greetings and love to our True Parents and all Korean Family.

In their Names,
June Perrin 

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