The Words of the Perrin Family

Mission to Jordan

June [Darby] Perrin
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

Sun Myung Moon, Won Bok Choi, and Young Oon Kim visit Jordan -- August 1965

I arrived by plane on the 7th of February. Father worked to show me the best place to stay. At first I lived in the YWCA, where I met many girls.

At first I worked in the maternity hospital which was ideal considering the situation in Amman. Three days after my arrival I experienced how tense the situation was. There was shooting right outside my window. So it was impossible to witness on the streets and one could only work through personal contact. I could only speak to Arab women.

The problem between the government and the Fedayeen grew worse and many times it was impossible to leave the hospital. Many left because of the fighting in June. The Arabs were very suspicious of foreigners. One girl was positive but because of the situation it was impossible to visit her.

Finally it became even difficult to leave Amman for London. During this time I felt the suffering of Father and the problems of his children. I really learnt to appreciate basic things like water, electricity and food. Many times there was no water at all. There are many people prepared but they cannot help themselves and one day I hope to back. 

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