The Words of the Perrin Family

Missionary visits in the Middle East

June Darby [Perrin]
September 4, 1970
Amman, Jordan

Kunitoki, June Darby and Carlo Bessie at Damascus University

To the editor of The Way of the World,

Thank you very much for The Way of the World. Last month began with visit from Akihiko Kunitoki. It was wonderful to speak and pray with someone from the family and it was for me a great spiritual uplift as I was getting depressed about not being able to find good seeds to teach although I was meeting many young people at the Christian clubs, through the friends at the Y.W.C.A. and work.

We visited our Holy Ground at that Nebo which is about 50 kilometers from Amman and of course saw Amman. In the first time for a few months Israel attacked deep into the heart of Jordan near the road he was travelling on, the day of his arrival, and as there was very big demonstration against the Rogers by the Palestinians while he was there he had a real taste of the tense conditions people live under here.

After 3 days in Amman we visited Carlo in Damascus where Remi was to meet us from Lebanon bringing our first Arab sister with him Bessie, unfortunately Remi had trouble with his passport so couldn't come but Bessie did. Father provided everything we needed in a wonderful way. We felt our leader very much as we sorry and shared experiences and prayed together.

It will be such a beautiful world when all people can be -united in the love of our True Parents.

Satan has been very active making it impossible for me to see Majeda for days at a time so I've just had and kept contact by phoning. But I hope thing will be freer and easier here when I return, and that there will soon the something really positive to report of the work here for Father.

Doris and Dennis [Orme] suggested I should remain on there at hospital instead of teaching and immediately Father worked to give me more responsibility, better honors and better pay.

I then would stay on in the present flat instead of leaving end of August and I had thought all along, I began painting it to restore it completely to Father, so I've been very busy with the physical foundation then last few weeks. The shortage and lack of water complicates water but is good indemnity.

The last few Sunday, I've been visiting different churches and they are all the same very few people and dead. I've discovered I could visit mosques and planned a trip to one this week but had to cancel it because of the shooting and unrest.

Love to all brothers and sisters and blessed True Parents Name.
June Darby  

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