The Words of the Bullen Family

My Testimony

Paul Bullen
September 1970

Paul Bullen

Dear Family,

I send you all my love and I would like to introduce myself to you.

I was born on January 28, 1953 of English Parents in Durban, South Africa. When I was three years old my family moved to Vancouver, Canada where I was brought up as an atheist in a relatively liberal atmosphere. My father is a university professor of Mathematics.

Because of my physical weakness and abnormal behavior as a child, I became a good object for bullies and such sort. I developed a dislike for injustice. In elementary school I became interested in morality, politics, and the "faults" of religion.

At the age of 12, I was a socialist and later helped with political campaigns and peace marches. At 15, I was sort of anarchist; my thinking became free and my hair -anger. By the age of 16, I was taking LSD and was having (what I know now are) spiritual experiences.

My thinking became deeper and my imagination larger. I realized indirectly that the possibilities for spiritual joy and variety are infinite and how to get there was another question. Another time, I realized that love is the strongest energy in the universe and that with it, the answer to all problems can be found. Although Satan often uses drugs for his purpose, and for me it was a preparation.

I was also prepared through the actions of a certain person. I can't explain this in one sentence, but let's say the "perfection" I saw in the spiritual world, for a certain time, I saw in this person's facial expressions and bodily actions. Before I could figure him out I left for Europe.

My family had already spent a year in France when I was 11 years old and now we were going to spend another year there. During my voyage (via New York and England for 2 months), I received more spiritual food, and in France I started reading certain Oriental spiritual books. By this time, I had accepted that we were in the Age of Aquarius the age of higher consciousness, and that some sort of "end of the world come between 1976 and 1980. I wanted to prepare spiritually for this and I started disciplining myself.

Around Christmas, when I came home one day, I saw on the side-board a "Pioneers of the New Age" (Tong-Il) invitation with an oriental symbol on it. It read: "A new age...for mankind has already started..." It also said that their lectures started up again on January 16, 1970. So I waited and I went.

After being invited to the center I started coming as often as possible-three times a week, to learn Divine Principle from Barbara.

My physical mother is now studying Principle also, and she is very positive. Two months later, I moved into the center, where I could get deeper in Principle and devote all my time to the restoration.

It is fantastic that we have the luck to live at the same time as the one and only Christ and to be able to serve him.

It is fantastic that after all the millions and millions of books that have been written, we have the one that explains everything. I have dedicated myself and all that is under my influence to help Father and His Son install the New World.

On August 12th, I will leave for North America and I will visit several family centers during twenty-one days. Then I will go to Vancouver to finish my last year of High School and to work as much as possible to destroy Satan and bring joy to our Father's heart.

I send my love to the Korean family and my humble thanks to Our True Parents.

In the name of Our True Parents,
Paul Bullen 

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