The Words of the Brandner Family

We have been very busy in cleaning and painting our new center

Robert Brandner
May 12, 1971

The past month we went a step further in the restoration of our country. We are very happy to report that we have found a larger flat which will enable us to invite more people and even groups. We have been very busy in cleaning and painting our new center, which will be used as the new headquarters. The address is 26, Rue Goethe, Luxembourg.

In contacting people we are successful. Two young men are studying deeply and one is helping us to paint the rooms. The contacts with girls brought not yet great results, but we want to do our best.

As we have no university here, high school students made strikes and demonstrations to "democratize" the education system, forced by Communists. Though this was something new, there was not yet much reaction by the people. We hope to influence the students soon leading them on a positive and constructive way

We want to greet Our Parents and all the United Family over the world and we are sending our love,

In Our Parents Name!
Robert Brandner 

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