The Words of the Boiland Family

WACL Conference Report

Norbert Boland
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

In the Tokyo center is a garden where we exercised each morning. We learned to do shouting exercises. Then we would go by micro-bus into Tokyo for activity. We sing the WACL song to begin the activities. Communist hate this song, it would make the WACL bus shake. Members from the U.S. spoke in public about the war in Vietnam. There was some confrontation with communists. They use loudspeakers but the WACL has better ones. The Communists have a habit of forming a snake from members of their ranks and walking through our members to separate us but with no success. When you have blond hair you can do miracles in Japan. The WACL conference was a great success. A high spiritual atmosphere was on the bus.

At the Kyoto conference the delegates did not give reports. However there was a good atmosphere at the WACL rally. It was a great success in which 40,000 people attended including Miss Castro and Senator Thurmond. He promised support for the WACL. when it comes to the U.S. President Park spoke for one and a half hours with Mr. Kuboki who visited him "a most promising young man from Japan". Normally he speaks with only important persons for half an hour. Anti-communist approaches in Japan and Korea differ. In Korea we have buildings for teaching Victory Over Communism which accommodate three hundred people. There are buildings in cities and provinces throughout Korea, including Seoul. People are taught for three days and leave with deep impressions of the teaching. In Japan anti-communism is taught with the use of chalkboards on the pavements. Divine Principle is taught also in a very scientific way to schools and universities despite the presence of many communist professors. 

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