The Words of Reverends Bergman

Home Church Leader's Meeting, 11/19/79

Dr. Bergman

Meeting began this evening with short testimonies of several of the area leaders. Bento Leal began the testimony session with his account of how the members in his center organized several projects with their contacts, brought them to a family meeting, and use the time very productively. One project was the making of Christmas cards, and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Jim Clark from Sunburst testified how his group is working with a nursery and preschool project that is going on in their area. There was one man who came in off the street, went to the Down Home Inn after an invitation, and went to the workshop the following weekend. They feel as if he is the spiritual child of the whole group.

Keith Cooperrider told of the aggressive steps being taken against the Mount Kisco legislature restricting our use of the center there for our educational activities. It has already been over 90 days since the application was made, and they seem to be just stalling. It has been a pretty ridiculous situation so far, but a temporary injunction has been ordered that will allow us to use the property until the court issue is over.

Vic Jessop told about the new P. R. family that Father set up after the Sept. 18 leader's meeting. This now includes the Capitol Hill P. R. and the New World Forum. The, impact of Rev. (Won Pil) Kim's meetings on this group, which really stands outside of the full tier witnessing realm helped them develop a sense of responsibility for the contacts that they have made. There had been months of struggle previously because of the mission of New World Forum. and the Home Church Providence seem to be contradictory. Then Father gave them the direction to include all of their P. R. work on Capitol Hill, and at the United Nations as their Home Church area work. A few weeks ago Dr. Bergman gave clarification on the words of Rev. Kim concerning how to combine our activities in a harmonious way. Since that tine he has been able to heartistically unite with the Home Church providence, and has gained lecture contacts for Divine Principle through his normal P. R. work. Last night over 40 diplomats and VIP's came to the open house in Washington D.C., a center that was established for, Home Church use. A Divine Principle workshop will be held at Stony Point, a Presbyterian lodge for retreats. If anyone has a contact who could participate in such a workshop, give Vic Jessop a call. It will be on Dec. 15 - 16, and the cost will be $40.00 for room and food.

Kurt Johnson, gave a brief summary of the work in his dept., and stated Father's desire to convene the leaders of the world's main religions by 1981.

Farley Jones attended a luncheon series discussing the legal remedies for "cults". He felt like Daniel in the lion's den, but did manage to speak out for our side and change a few of their concepts. He ended it stating that if we face challenging situations, we can make them come out in a positive way.

Dr. Bergman:

Our , victory will be decided by the leaders, and by our attitude. We can't expect our members to be more successful than we are. What ever we expect from then begins with ourselves as a leader. The leader must determine to accomplish the goal and if the members cannot catch his spirit, then the leader must himself demonstrate. The members should follow their Abel, but not evaluate him. This will create a basis for conviction and determination. It is possible to get together with our loved ones, so it must be possible to squeeze in time for witnessing. Leaders must also realize that we cannot expect the members to have an excellent report. We have to trust their sincerity and desire but we cannot expect them to get an incredible result. This kind of attitude will just make us depressed when the results don't come.

You must approach them with the attitude that you are taking responsibility for their result, not only try to remind them of Father's aching heart etc.. This kind of scolding alone will not help them to get the result. To get the result we must investigate the issue together, not just through words. Sit down together and discuss what the problem. is, or go with them into their areas.

The only reason you are a leader is because the members cannot fulfill the mission by themselves.

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