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Sister Esperanza "Espie" Anin passed away

Maricon Rapada Kojima
May 22, 2014

Heavenly Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Our beloved sister Esperanza "Espie" Anin, from Abra Philippines, who was one of the full time members in La Union FFWPU Center, passed away last May 20, 2014 due to cancer. Sister Espie underwent a surgery for a seemingly big cyst like a size of an egg on her left thigh. The doctors made a biopsy from there, and later found out that Sister Espie had a cancer called, "hemangio endothelial sarcoma".

Her husband Brother Rosendo Blancaflor Anin, is also a full time -- Chairman of mobilization committee of Region 1. He is a volunteer worker in one NGO doing educational seminars in their community, and have a part time job too in that small municipality of Bauang, La Union, Philippines. They are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Sister Espie was 6 months pregnant, unfortunately both the mother and the baby didn't survive.

My dear family, let us extend our love and constant prayers to the bereaved family. We wish and pray for their happy ascension in the Eternal World. In Japan, you may send your financial support to Kuya Allan Cadano, or to Ate Lourdes Beloy Lee.

Cadano Allan Crisostomo
Postal account number 11150-33533331
Lourdes Beloy Lee
Lourdes Lee PO # 12110 -- 79317741

If you wish to send directly to her husband, please send it to ROSENDO BLANCAFLOR ANIN, at 299 Baccuit Norte, Bauang, La Union, Philippines with CP # 0639192181816. via Western Union or Cebuana Lhullier.

For easy recording, please notify or message us with your precious donations. Thank you very much and May God Bless us all!


Maricon Rapada Kojima
VTC -- Japan 

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