The Words of the Zurita Family

Lorenzo Zurita has passed away

Nelson Mira
January 2, 2015

Dear Seattle family,

I am sad to inform you that our dear brother, Lorenzo Zurita, passed away last night (January 1st) at the Harborview Medical Center in downtown Seattle.

According to the Police preliminary report, on December 31st evening, Lorenzo was hit by a car while he was walking. I did not hear any report on the identity of the driver. His doctor said that Lorenzo suffered a severe head injury which caused major, irreversible brain damages. Last night at the hospital, his sister, Norma, decided to disconnect his life support as highly recommended by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. At the time of his death, he was surrounded by his sister, relatives and friends. I was able to read Bible verses and offered a prayer with Paulette Wiesinger just before the nurse unplugged his life support.

Lorenzo had been a long time friend of our church community in Harlem, New York. About two years ago, he moved to Federal Way to find a new job. He studied Divine Principle at Windermere with me, and sign-up Unification Church membership. He attended a weekend Divine Principle workshop in Minnesota and came back with much more inspiration to be a part of our community. Lorenzo had been very active with our small group gatherings with Gerhard Wiesinger. Due to his job schedule, he could not attend Sunday services.

Lorenzo's sister and his brother in law, Norma and Enrique, are blessed couple who were very active Unificationists in Minnesota. They have been trying to witness Lorenzo. They recently moved to our local community to support Lorenzo on his desire to go to our holy blessing ceremony.

Last night at the hospital Paulette and I were very amazed on the large number of people who visited Lorenzo to the point that the nurse had to ask the visitors to take turns because we were blocking the hallway. Among them were his bosses at work, cousins and friends in the Mexican community.

Norma expressed to me that any support, primarily financial, will be deeply appreciated. Lorenzo was not covered with any insurance. Norma is a staying home mom, her husband just found a new job. I suggest that we pass additional donation baskets for Lorenzo, please consider to help. Our support will help Lorenzo's transition expenses, as well as give Lorenzo's relatives and friends the message that we care.

As a Unification Church tradition, we hold prayer vigils. To sign-up, please visit: His ascension ceremony has yet to be decided.

Thank you very much.

God Bless,
Nelson Mira 

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