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National Ocean Challenge Scholarship. Apply Now!

Clint Woods
June 6, 2012

Dear Ocean Challenge enthusiasts,

Based upon cries from around the country, the National Ocean Challenge OPI Scholarship program has received an approved update from our current sponsor Ocean Peace, Inc.

Regardless of your residence, please take advantage of this chance to be awarded a scholarship to defray the costs of attending this world class National Ocean Challenge program.

Carefully review the attached Scholarship application and return it as quickly as you can; by email is best. There is a deadline, and time is essential in getting your travel plans worked out if you receive this award.

Please also forward this to anyone you know that may be interested and encourage all to apply. We are continually pursuing other funding, so, your interest is taken seriously.

Please do encourage all other organizations or leaders you may know to consider ways to contribute to supporting our youth in this core cause. National Ocean Challenge Kodiak 2012 deeply reflects True Father's unbridled passion for the Ocean, and for training us all about the its crucial importance to the future of humanity.

If you have any questions, ideas, or comments, let us hear from you.


Clint Woods

National Ocean Challenge Director

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