The Words of the Vassilopolous Family

Examples in personal judgement and the right use of love

Frossini Vassilopolous
February 1972

Since the conscience is the filter between the spirit and the physical mind, when one does something wrong one gets pinches in his conscience. Every time I do not witness enough -- I never witness enough -- I feel rotten inside. When something that Nick did was wrong and although I knew it I did not correct it out of laziness, I felt awful, and released when Marjorie chastised me. Many times I find the easy way to do things which is not always, or rather is never, the right way. Many times I reply in a disrespectful tone; when I realize it, it is never too late to correct. In the beginning I could not imagine that judgement was needed in order to see yourself and expose and cast away the ruler of every man since the fall: Satan. Judgement at the personal level is the basis for national judgement. So, by becoming more alert and not lazy, I can help this nation to grow.

Love has been misused many times. Lucifer felt love for Eve and tempted her. Her response was the beginning of the fall of man. Since then, people, all from fallen families, have shown love to one another, but not real concern. In the right use of love, parents love their children but in the right way. They judge them every day and point out to them what is wrong with their nature. The children respond, giving out love of a son to a father. Father's love is unconditional and overflowing. He never thinks about how good he will be on saying something, but he just says it out of concern for the other person. Using love rightly, you push your brothers closer to the father. Out of concern, you inspire them when they are down, and subjugate Satan around them. Also, if you really love them, and ask them their problems and you try to help them solving them. This applies to Satanic people as well. If we love them we pray for them and try to understand their life. It is only through sacrifice and service that love is used in right way. Through using love in the right way we make the Father rejoice and feel happy to be with us. 

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