The Words of the Van DeMark Family

The Sunghwa Ceremony of Mica Banhwa Van DeMark and Our Tribal Messiah Mission

Marquis Van DeMark
July 27, 1989

The Van DeMark family

On Thursday, July 27, 1989, Mica Banhwa Van DeMark passed from the physical world into the eternal world of spirit. She was born in Columbus, Ohio on May 2, 1989, and was only 3 months old at the time of her ascension.

At birth, she was born with many problems. There was no arterial connection between her heart and lungs and her heart chambers were wrongly formed. After a truly miraculous surgery at less than a week old, she came through with flying colors. The doctors were amazed at how well she did! We felt totally blessed.

On Sunday, July 9, 1989, our state had the privilege to welcome Lady Dr. Kim [Shin Wook Kim or Shin Ook Kim was known as Lady Dr. Kim] to our city for a Liberation Ceremony. The ceremony itself was a very special experience as it helped us to make a strong positive link with our ancestors in the spirit world.

Lady Dr. Kim explained the importance of such a ceremony for us personally as both our children had physical problems at birth. (Our first child had surgery at six weeks.) She went on to explain that these problems were related to our ancestors and their sins. So we welcomed this Liberation Ceremony. Dr. Kim explained further that she had experiences where the ancestors would try to disrupt the family in some way if they were not pleased with their descendants' offering. Ancestors are a mixture of good and evil and don't quite know right from wrong. They only know they need to change and grow.

A few days before Mica's passing, Lady Dr. Kim felt something spiritually about Mica and tried to reach my wife. Lady Dr. Kim called many different people but somehow the message never got through to my wife. Dr. Kim waited patiently for my wife to return her call.

Lady Dr. Kim called again the night Mica passed away and heard the news about Mica. She explained how the ancestors in my lineage had a heavy sin and took Mica into the spirit world without really knowing what they were doing. Her Sunghwa ceremony was 21 days after our Liberation Ceremony almost to the hour.

We felt our precious daughter was a pure offering for the liberation of our ancestors and the indemnification of our family's personal sins. For this we must be eternally grateful!

We both felt the Sunghwa ceremony itself was one kind of advancement of our tribal messiah mission. Most of my immediate family was present for the ceremony. A lot of my neighborhood and childhood friends showed up at the funeral home to pay their respects. Many of these people I hadn't seen in literally years. We both felt that our relatives came as representatives of our lineage.

This experience is hard to put into words. It is a very holy and uplifting feeling. The people were moved by our attitudes about death and the sermon given by our state leader. They came in sorrow but left comforted and at peace.

We are keeping a grateful heart in the midst of a sad and difficult time. We are kept strong by understanding that our daughter is safe with our Heavenly Father and our brothers and sisters who have already gone to the spirit world. Most of all, Heung Jin Nim is there preparing the way.

The Sunghwa ceremony is just the beginning of the foundation for our tribal messiah mission. Our ancestors have the condition to help us in attaining the goal of liberating all of us from the bonds of Satan.  

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